BREAKING NEWS: Judge Dismisses Charges Against Joshua Boyle

Boyle and his wife Caitlan Coleman had first received attention after being kidnapped on a ‘backpacking’ trip in Afghanistan.

Charges against Joshua Boyle have been dismissed by an Ottawa judge.

Boyle had faced charges of sexual assault, assault, threatening with a weapon, assault, harassment, unlawful confinement, assault, uttering a death threat, and ‘administering a noxious thing.’

The charges were based on allegations by Boyle’s now estranged wife Caitlan Coleman. Coleman and Boyle had been held hostage by the Taliban for five years, after they were captured during a ‘backpacking trip’ in Afghanistan.

Boyle had plead not guilty, and the judge ruled that he neither believed Boyle, nor Coleman:

“I do not believe her, just as I do not believe Mr. Boyle,” said judge Peter Doody.

Boyle had previously been linked to Omar Khadr’s sister, and was even invited to the PMO for a meeting with Justin Trudeau, at a time when the government should have been aware that Boyle was facing charges.

Spencer Fernando

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W Carter

I wonder if there’s any truth to the old adage ” it helps to have people in high places” ?


“You scratch my back…”


trudeau is involved, nuff said

Donald O'Kane

Typical leftist spin. Say how you have to listen to statements from victims (me too) then ignore everything the victim says. All that’s missing is the judge asking why he didn’t kill you sooner like an Alberta judge did.

Brian Dougan

“Met w/ Trudeau; when the gov’t must have known that he was facing charges.” Birds of a feather flock together.


Canada is broken.

Marion Leyland

I’d like to know the reason for the judge dismissing the charges – I’m more than a little skeptical

Big Priest'

Wait what?

So a radicalized Islamist, and sexual assaulting coward is being allowed to walk?