Liberal Government Says Only Quebec Shipyard Qualifies For Icebreaker Construction, Ontario Shipyard Snubbed

Ontario’s Heddle Shipyards has been denied even a part of the icebreaker fleet work, which will all go to Quebec’s Davie Shipyards.

Quebec’s Davie shipyards are the only shipyards that qualified for the Liberals icebreaker procurement program says the federal government.

As a result, all the work on the new icebreaker fleet will go the Quebec company.

Ontario’s Heddle Shipyards was totally snubbed, and won’t even be granted a portion of the work.

Heddle had previously raised concerns that the process was rigged by the Liberal government in favour of the Quebec company from the beginning.

Davie Shipyards celebrated the federal decision: “Today’s historic announcement marks the beginning of a multi-generational program which will span the next three decades and sustain Davie’s position as a global leader in the delivery of specialist, mission-critical ships. We thank the prime minister and his government for delivering on their commitment to refresh the shipbuilding strategy and confirming Davie as a key strategic partner.”

Heddle also commented, expression their disappointment:

“We’re disappointed with the government’s decision and we’re reviewing all of our options with respect to the third-shipyard initiative. We have the facilities and the capacity required to support the government of Canada and so we’ll continue to explore options for how we can provide solutions to the government on this initiative and others related to the national shipbuilding strategy.”

The decision by the Liberals will certainly feed into growing division within Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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