Trudeau Says US Shouldn’t Sign China Trade Deal Until Kovrig & Spavor Are Released

It’s a step in the right direction, but Trudeau’s weakness on China and refusal to take action himself continues to show weakness.

In a recent TVA interview, Justin Trudeau has said that he’s made a request of the US, asking them not to sign their ‘phase 1’ trade deal until Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are released.

In fairness, it’s a good move by Trudeau and a step in the right direction. At the very least, Trudeau is showing a rudimentary understanding of the concept of leverage.

And the US should agree to Trudeau’s request, because Kovrig and Spavor were kidnapped by China as part of a chain of events that began with a US extradition request for Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou.

Unfortunately, Trudeau’s request still makes Canada reliant on action by the US, rather than taking action ourselves to show China that there are clear consequences for their mistreatment of our Citizens.

Additionally, we recently learned that the Trudeau government is investing $141 million Canadian taxpayer dollars in Communist China’s coal industry, at the same time as they are shutting down Canada’s coal industry.

Also, after Trudeau was caught laughing at Trump at the recent NATO summit, the US is far less likely to agree to anything he requests, another example of how Trudeau’s foolishness hurts Canada’s national interests.

I call it like I see it, and while Trudeau almost always deserves to be criticized for his failed policies, he is right to ask the US to make the release of Kovrig and Spavor part of any trade deal.

Yet, unless Trudeau uses this moment as a launching pad towards a tougher policy towards China (including banning Huawei), it will do nothing to change China’s perception of Canada as a weak nation that can be taken advantage of without consequence.

Spencer Fernando

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As usual JT comes up with a stupid comment. First he has to send Meng to the States and then US will send her back to China to trade for the 2 men who have been there a year too long. Send JT with her.


Why is he scared of fighting his own battles? A “leader” is supposed to lead from the front, not from behind, getting others to do his work. He just did this with Freeland. Why are there still 54,000 Communist Chinese “students” still in Canada when a recent survey indicated 1/3 of them don’t even attend university? Send them all back to China to renew their student visas.

Donald O'Kane

That would be a very nice gesture for Trump to do for Canada. I want to see them released. Trudeau should have been working on this since they were incarcerated and not relying on anyone else to do this for him. Since Trudeaus schoolgirl antics at the NATO meeting he may just tell Trudeau to put that request where the Sun doesn’t shine. If would be nice if Trump would do this for the Canadians worried about this, but not for Trudeau or the Liberals. It would be nice if Trump threw a fig leaf for Alberta and Western Canada.… Read more »


Zero credibility, two faced trudeau is in a great position to be making demands of the U.S. – said no one ever.


Can this person do anything with out making it someone else’s responsibility?
Not PM material, but got in twice. I do not understand what is happening in this county.


Trudeau’s spinelessness continues to grow. Why should Trump do Trudeau’s bidding? Trudeau continues to brown-nose with China. How could anyone vote for Trudeau?


Trudeau sounds like he would prefer Trump was running Canada , probably the people that voted against home the last election would prefer it also

Don Taylor

All the people that voted for this weak coward of a PM should slap themselves in the face [Hard}


Pres. Trump owes Canada nothing after our voted in again Un puppet has voted against everything Pres. Trump is trying to achieve to keep freedom and democracy from being taken down.


Trump should sign the agreement with China while giving the finger to Trudope! I feel sorry for the Michaels but Justin is a little potato on the international stage and his actions need to bite him back. Trump, little potato does not represent or speak for myself and millions of other Canadians


It’s ludicrous, what he’s done. He doesn’t give a damn about those men. My heart breaks for them, but I’m with you.


4 years too late …get out …


This afternoon in the dentist’s office, I saw this headline come across the CP24 screen….followed by one about the dismissal of charges on that terrorist Boyle. I honestly wanted to weep. I’m eligible to retire in 4 years and I have no intention of staying in this country. There is no hope.


We are seriously discussing selling out here in BC and moving to a Country that has a Government that actually represents its citizens. 60% of the peoople here support the pipeline but Horgan gives us the finger. ICBC is a disgusting failure but Horgan and Ebe continue to force us to use it. It will lose another billion this year.

Big Priest'

What a spineless coward, same ole Canada, beg the homeland for help, and allow yourself to look weak once again