Longtime Conservative Strategist Says Pierre Poilievre Has Good Shot At Winning CPC Leadership Race

Jason Lietaer says Poilievre is “organized, driven, will be strong 2nd or surprise win.”

On December 19th, I wrote about how Pierre Poilievre appears to have strong support among the Conservative base:

“On the other hand, if you look on social media and in the comment sections of websites like SpencerFernando.com, you can see a very different discussion taking place. There, Conservatives are arguing for a leader who is tougher in pushing back against media bias, and tougher in standing up to the Liberals.

They want people who are good at communicating to the media and to the Canadian Public, not someone who is friendly to the media. After all, those are two very different things.”

A poll I posted on Twitter showed strong support for Poilievre:

Even as there was growing evidence of Poilievre’s strength within the Canadian Conservative Base, the establishment media had mostly ignored him, instead attempting to push Jean Charest, despite Charest being the former Liberal Premier of Quebec, and being totally out of touch.

But now, it’s becoming impossible for Poilievre’s strength within the Conservative base to be ignored.

On CTV’s Question Period, well-respected longtime Conservative strategist Jason Lietaer said Poilievre has a strong shot at winning:

“While other people are sort of sleeping and trying to figure out ‘should I be in, should I be out’ Pierre is working. He’s been across Canada the last couple of days. He’s going to be either a strong second place or win this thing.”

“He was, if not the top, one of the top performers of the Conservative caucus in the House of Commons over the last couple of years. Number two, he is driven and he’s got a team that seems to be ready to go,” Lietaer added.

Lietaer also shared his comments on Twitter following the interview:

“This story is 100% accurate about what I said. For posterity, my full comments were:

Pierre — organized, driven, will be strong 2nd or surprise win

Rona — odds on favourite if she enters

Charest — interesting game changer in Quebec

Didn’t have time to get to other names.”

As I said before, the Conservative base is looking for a fighter, and Pierre Poilievre fits that description well.

And while the elites try to make Jean Charest CPC leader, the Canadian Conservative base is heading in entirely a different direction.

Poilievre will face a challenge, with much of the elitist political class trying to stop him and push an establishment figure instead, but with growing support among real Conservatives, Poilievre has a great opportunity to become the next Conservative Leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter