Longtime Conservative Strategist Says Pierre Poilievre Has Good Shot At Winning CPC Leadership Race

Jason Lietaer says Poilievre is “organized, driven, will be strong 2nd or surprise win.”

On December 19th, I wrote about how Pierre Poilievre appears to have strong support among the Conservative base:

“On the other hand, if you look on social media and in the comment sections of websites like SpencerFernando.com, you can see a very different discussion taking place. There, Conservatives are arguing for a leader who is tougher in pushing back against media bias, and tougher in standing up to the Liberals.

They want people who are good at communicating to the media and to the Canadian Public, not someone who is friendly to the media. After all, those are two very different things.”

A poll I posted on Twitter showed strong support for Poilievre:

Even as there was growing evidence of Poilievre’s strength within the Canadian Conservative Base, the establishment media had mostly ignored him, instead attempting to push Jean Charest, despite Charest being the former Liberal Premier of Quebec, and being totally out of touch.

But now, it’s becoming impossible for Poilievre’s strength within the Conservative base to be ignored.

On CTV’s Question Period, well-respected longtime Conservative strategist Jason Lietaer said Poilievre has a strong shot at winning:

“While other people are sort of sleeping and trying to figure out ‘should I be in, should I be out’ Pierre is working. He’s been across Canada the last couple of days. He’s going to be either a strong second place or win this thing.”

“He was, if not the top, one of the top performers of the Conservative caucus in the House of Commons over the last couple of years. Number two, he is driven and he’s got a team that seems to be ready to go,” Lietaer added.

Lietaer also shared his comments on Twitter following the interview:

“This story is 100% accurate about what I said. For posterity, my full comments were:

Pierre — organized, driven, will be strong 2nd or surprise win

Rona — odds on favourite if she enters

Charest — interesting game changer in Quebec

Didn’t have time to get to other names.”

As I said before, the Conservative base is looking for a fighter, and Pierre Poilievre fits that description well.

And while the elites try to make Jean Charest CPC leader, the Canadian Conservative base is heading in entirely a different direction.

Poilievre will face a challenge, with much of the elitist political class trying to stop him and push an establishment figure instead, but with growing support among real Conservatives, Poilievre has a great opportunity to become the next Conservative Leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Donald O'Kane

Pierre Poilievre is my first choice


Who is now managing this Conservative Party? I sure hope that the RH Mr. Harper is in there to stop it from being taken off of all of Canada again.
It seems we have a sick swamp that really needs to get cleared out so we can actually have a good for the whole of Canada Party still. I feel that a Candidate for the Conservatives should run on that, unify and make fair play for the whole of Canada and not selling us out to China’s UN.

Gary major

Pierre IMO is the right choice He’s everything your article described Charest has changed his coat enough and he should remain a liberal Plus there”s a corruption investigation still hanging over his head ! The Cons. elite might want to listen to it’s base and stop trying to help the liberals DINOSAURS


Hate to break it to you but we’ve got the uni party. Conservatives no different that the Libs, NDP or horrid Greens.

Don Taylor

I think Pierre would be an excellent choice as a leader,Turdeau would be made to look like the cowardly fool that he really is


I would have no problem in either Rona Ambrose or Pierre Poilievre as the conservative leader. They both show a real sense of aggression in the house and at the same time projecting confidence in their attacks on the liberals. Both are more than qualified to lead Canada in lieu of the ” part-time school teacher and ski instructor”.

Eric Blair

The huge advantage Pierre has over Rona Ambrose is that he is in parliament and she isn’t. He can debate Trudeau as he has done so very well and get free publicity by virtue of him being in the House and all can see how well he performs. Though Rona is a woman she is also from Alberta and to get the much need Ontario vote I think it is time for the new leader of the conservatives is someone from Ontario and for that reason alone Pierre is my choice.


I like Pierre and would be happy to consider him after I know who is running.
If the conservatives put Charest in, I will be taking my ball and going home. I am not interested in a candidate that was already rejected by Quebec. It makes no sense to me.


At this time, Poilievre is the de facto leader of the CPC. He sounds and acts like the man to lead the Party. He is not intimidated by the MSM, and packs a tight punch in any debate. There is no time to be lost. Talking about November 2020 is preposterous. We all know Canada is drifting rudderless, with a lame and sightless captain.

Brian Dougan

As Jane wrote…Referring to the Conservatives dithering about the leadership convention…”If the Conservatives had ANY brains at all, they’d MOVE the convention up because you NEVER know when Trudeau will call a snap election as the Conservatives stand there with their pants around their ankles.” Time is of the essence. They want to move it from next April to November? Have they lost their mind? Even tomorrow may be too late; it has to be held early in 2020. Don’t these “elites” understand? The future of the country is at stake–this is no time for navel gazing.

Ellen Jones

Brian Dougan, it is the policy convention being moved to Nov., not the leadership convention which ill happen early in the new year.

Miles Lunn

Early election calls usually backfire. Just ask David Peterson, Jim Prentice, or Theresa May. First two blew 20 point plus leads to lose while latter barely hung on. May had a bigger lead than Boris Johnson did and would have won over 400 seats he should not blown it and had the election gone a week longer probably would lost outright. People don’t like politicians who are opportunistic and voters would see that. Besides Tories just need to have 26 of their members not show up on confidence votes and government survives never mind NDP is broke financially so won’t… Read more »


Pierre Poilievre could and should be our next Prime Minister. Yes.


Charest is absolutely unacceptable. If the Conservative organization pushes him, they will lose thousands of members. I would be one of the first to send my card in.

WEXIT or some derivative. Only fools claim that an independent West couldn’t work because others haven’t. Others didn’t have independent wealth nor did they have access to a World Power. A possible $40 billion every year provides a solid base for establishing a strong modern economy. A WEXIT West could be everything Canada should be but without the Liberals to defile it.

Miles Lunn

I as a former Progressive Conservative would happily support him. I thought merger was supposed to be one of equals not a Reform side takeover so you’ve had two leaders from Reform side, why not one from PC side. Also only 1/7th of Canadians live in Alberta and Saskatchewan so there is more to Canada than those two provinces as important as they may be.


The main stream media none of them has mentioned Pierre Poilievre, I think they don’t want him in the race being he is the best candidate to beat Justin Liberals. I hope he is the PM in the spring of 2021. The have been should stay in retirement haven’t heard of any other then Brian peckford that has any grit and push to offer. Charest MGG how many time is he going to be bought and paid for nothing more then a panhandler!


I certainly would vote for the Conservative party if he was chosen as leader. He is young, driven, determined to fight for Canada against the airhead JT.

W Carter

Pierre all the way! He is and will be trudo’s worst nightmare! Unlike trudo, Pierre can think, is articulate and knowledgable. Trudo, on the other hand, is a bumbling fool, can’t think and doesn’t know much about anything.

Geo Bailey

The ideologies of Charest and puppet master Harper are conflicted


The main stream media none of them has mentioned Pierre Poilievre, I think they don’t want him in the race being he is the best candidate to beat Justin Liberals. I hope he is the PM in the spring of 2021. The have been should stay in retirement haven’t heard of any other then Brian Medford that has any grit to offer. Charest MGG how many time is he going to be bought and paid for nothing more then a panhandler!

james isnor

I think Pierre Poilievre would have won the recent election if he had been the leader. I have been watching him hammer Trudeau, Morneau and the Liberals in the House for a few years. You bet the bought and paid for Canadian MSM don t want him to run against the failed drama teacher. The are already sharpening their knives and digging for dirt as I write this letter. Interesting how the lies and deception about our failing economy surface after the election.

Glen Davidson

Pierre Poilievre has Charisma, Trudeau is a flaming Fop.


If he is still for open borders or the United Nations what difference will it make who the conservatives choose.


I totally agree, Bridgette! Open Borders should be “NO MORE”! No Illegals, Only Selected Economic Immigration and our Canada will be BACK!

Susie Lawrence

Love Pierre. a charming and brilliant politician. I feel he will do an excellent job for Canada and it’s people as he can be trusted. I don’t see any other that could be as good as he is. There seems to be smears already about Pierre, so no matter who we get in, there will be the same crap not only from the Leftists but within the CPC … it’s a shame we have to act this way amongst the same party. Afrerall, we want the same thing, that is to make sure Justin/Freeland lol NEVER get in again!

Peter Black

He was my pick a long time ago BUT of highest priority is to create a platform that ALL CANADIANS can embrace.

Aaron P Barrett

The guy is a slime ball. I’d vote for a brick before i’d vote for him.