Conservatives To Pick Leader June 27, 2020

Organizing committee co-chair Dan Nowlan announced the date.

The Conservatives will pick a new leader June 27, 2020.

That’s according to Dan Nowlan, co-chair of the organizing committee.

He made the announcement on CBC Power & Politics:

Early indications show Pierre Poilievre to be the top choice of the Conservative base, while Rona Ambrose has strong support among the top party establishment. Meanwhile, the media elites have tried pushing Jean Charest, but that has totally fallen flat among actual Canadian Conservatives.

Spencer Fernando

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In other news, Trudeau to now call general election at end of May heehee


No reason, he’s got a de facto majority seeing it would take all three opposition parties united to bring him down. Pigs might fly. Anyway the Conservatives are going to try and out Liberal Trudeau so I’ve renewed my PPC membership.

Beverley Campbell

Yes Larry…………………..once again we are setting in motion our own defeat.

Miles Lunn

He is taking a big gamble if he does. Canadians have a strong sense of fair play so opportunistic early elections often tend to backfire. Just ask David Peterson, Jim Prentice, and Theresa May who tried this. If he does this it will be blatantly obvious it was done for partisan reasons and Canadians like keeping politicians on a short leash.


Who gets to vote?


Party members.

Gary major

I’m a member of the CPA and he’s telling a story I’m not saying my MPs name butt he won’t communicate with his members despite numerous attempts !


NO to Ambrose; just another good ol’ boy. YES to POILIEVRE would couldn’t be a good ol’ boy if he tried!

Steve Richards

End of June? Three months too late. That means Scheer will fubble bubble around for another 6 months and really make a mess of things. Trudeau gets another free ride for another 6 months. End of March in Ontario where the decision will be made is a must.

Miles Lunn

Probably a good idea as will ensure only serious candidates run as last thing Tories need is a large number of candidates like last time. 4 or 5 high quality ones is better than 13 largely mediocre with a few good ones. In addition while NDP and BQ are unlikely to pull the plug anytime soon, new leader needs time to introduce themselves to Canadians so this gives them that time. Trudeau Liberals for good or ill, believe Ford will be a one term wonder (he might, but far from certainty, but likely although not certain) and they want to… Read more »