Alberta Energy Minister Slams United Nations For Attack On Canadian Resource Projects

The unelected and unaccountable UN Racism Committee called for a halt on Canadian energy projects.

Following the disgusting move by the corrupted United Nations to call for an end to Canadian resource projects, Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage is fighting back:

“With all the atrocities in the world, many committed in other oil producing countries, UN efforts would be better directed there than at Canada…

My full statement on the UN Racism Commitee calling for the halt of major resource projects:”

Sonya Savage Statement

The fact that the UN is even focusing on Canada once again shows how corrupted it has become. While it once served an important purpose, it is now dominated and controlled by non-democratic authoritarian states and anti-Western radicals.

This is yet another reason why chasing a UN security council seat is such a dumb idea, and why Canada must focus less on the world and more on strengthening our nation here at home.

Spencer Fernando

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Steve Richards

The new revised and reinvented Fidel Trudeau will straighten everything out once he gets his golden seat at the UN. What a sad state of affairs this country has become. The Federal Government should denounce that press release more forcefully than Alberta has but of course there will be crickets.


People must realize how inappropriate the UN has really become and the huge trouble it is still causing now in the world now that it is no longer doing what it was intended to do. Any real sovereign democratic country should stop supporting it totally before it destroys them, as I keep saying Canada needs a real Canadian government, not one world UN puppets, but it may be too late now.

Don Taylor

It is also the reason why Turdeau has to go


Still, Kenney will do nothing. He is waiting for orders from his boss Trudeau.

Major Tom

Get Canada out of the UN……and get the UN out of Canada!

Gary major

Why is Alberta having to push back is that not the Canadian GVTs. job?


I suggest you watch the Rubin report With Yasmine Mohammad. She has a new book out,
Unveiled: How western Liberals Empower Radical Islam.
When an xMuslin is willing to talk about what is happening In this country with the Muslim brotherhood, FGM, and other issues we have all know to be true but shut down with calls of racism. Too bad you feel the same way.