Canadian Military To Move Some Troops Out Of Iraq

Soldiers will be relocated to Kuwait ‘temporarily.’

The Canadian Military will be relocating some Canadian soldiers from Iraq to Kuwait, in the wake of escalating threats from Iran towards Western forces in the region.

In a letter published on Twitter, Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Vance said the following:

“We have approximately 800 military members in the region, about 500 in Iraq, some of them are deployed on Operation IMPACT, and some with NMI – two separate missions. Over the coming days, and as a result of Coalition and NATO planning, some of our people will be moved temporarily from Iraq to Kuwait. Simply put, we are doing this to ensure their safety and security. This also holds true of NMI. While this adjustment of our posture is underway, planned HLTA (leave) and rotation of people in and out of their tours will be interrupted.”

The full letter can be read below:

As I wrote recently, it’s time for Canada to leave Iraq entirely, and focus on defending our own territory – particularly our almost totally undefended North.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube