BREAKING: 63 Canadians Among 176 Killed After Ukraine International Airlines Flight Crashes In Iran

Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 went down after taking off from Tehran.

63 Canadians are among the 176 people who died after Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 crashed after taking off from Iran’s capital Tehran heading for Kiev.

All passengers and crew were killed.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister released a list of the nationalities of those who were killed:

“Наразі нам відома наступна інформація щодо країн походження загиблих в катастрофі #PS752:
Іран – 82;
Канада – 63;
Україна – 2 + 9(екіпаж);
Швеція – 10;
Афганістан – 4;
ФРН – 3;
Велика Британія – 3.
Висловлюємо наші співчуття. Українська влада продовжує розслідування.

We are currently aware of the following information on the countries of origin of those killed in the crash #PS752 : Iran – 82; Canada – 63; Ukraine – 2 + 9 (crew); Sweden – 10; Afghanistan – 4; Germany – 3; United Kingdom – 3. We express our condolences. The Ukrainian authorities continue to investigate.”

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Francois Philippe Champagne issued a statement:

“Tragic news regarding Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. Our hearts are with the loved ones of the victims, including many Canadians. I have been in touch with the government of Ukraine. We will continue to keep Canadians informed as the situation evolves.”

Airlines have now ceased all flights over Iran.

The crash would be among the worst ever in terms of loss of death of Canadian Citizens.

Initial reports cited a ‘mechanical issue,’ but Ukraine’s Embassy in Iran has said that statement was ‘unofficial.’

At this point, the cause of the crash remains unknown.

Let’s take a moment to keep the families of all those lost in the crash in our prayers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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D Met

Frankly, this sounds suspicious – the day after a missile attack! Iranian officials won’t turn over the flight recorders (black boxes) to Boing. This after a relatively new airplane (2016) which had just undergone routine maintenance 2 days ago, and with a pilot with over 11,000 hours of flight experience simply falls out of the sky from 8,000 feet. Doesn’t pass the smell test!

Gary major

Where’s trudeau on this still hiding?


Canadians were hoping that he would still be hiding to NEVER return. We should be that lucky!

Brian Dougan

Still building his sand castle village; catching some waves.