Jean Charest’s Potential CPC Leadership Bid Dealt Crippling Blow After Report Reveals He’s Been Advising Communist China’s Huawei

There’s no chance the Conservative base will vote for somebody who’s been helping a company controlled by Communist China, especially since Charest has advocated for Canada to take the side of China instead of standing with our close U.S. ally.

Jean Charest’s potential leadership bid for the Conservative Party – which was already extremely unlikely – has been dealt a crippling and fatal blow.

The report (which is paywalled) reveals that Charest has been helping Huawei on both Meng Wanzhou’s extradition case, and is also advising them on their effort to get approval to be in Canada’s 5G networks – something many security experts have warned against since Huawei is an extension of China’s Communist Party.

Additionally, the report points out that Charest wants ‘closer-ties’ with Communist China, slammed the decision to fulfill our extradition request with the U.S. in regards to Meng Wanzhou, and had to acknowledge that he ‘had clients in China.’

At one point, Charest sided with China during a forum discussion with Peter MacKay, while MacKay made clear that he would always side with a democracy like the US over China.

Now, this is clearly a crippling blow to Charest’s effort to lead the Conservative Party. For a pro-Communist China politician to lead Canada’s Conservatives would be absurd and outrageous, and the Conservative base will be rightfully outraged by this recent revelation about Charest.

Notably, opposition to Huawei and Communist China is something that unites Canadians, so Charest’s stance on China makes him totally unelectable in this country.

As Terry Glavin put it, the “Manchurian candidate for the Conservative Party leadership” has been “exposed.”

You can read the Globe & Mail story on Charest here.

Spencer Fernando

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Very few from Quebec vote CPC as witnessed every election. Why then are the Conservatives trying so hard to be in Quebec and also run by them again, letting them decide who will be our Conservative leader again will only destroy this party, again, and Canada looses. The whole of Canada needs a Canadian leader for all of Canada, not one ruler province with all the power and their own “distinct society” which we have seen repeatably does not really care for the rest of the country? What is wrong in Canada will never get fixed by letting history keep… Read more »

Miles Lunn

Mulroney won Quebec and more recently, provincially it voted CAQ who are generally centre-right on most issues so while its true Island of Montreal is quite left wing and probably off limits to Tories, I see no reason they cannot win in the regions with the right leader. Even in 2007 when you had Mario Dumont as ADQ leader, party didn’t win but got a large enough # of seats that if Tories could match that in Quebec, it would likely be enough nationally.

Gary major

A Good start to the race charest IMO should never been considered and finding out about these ties to china sealed his FATE!


Charest is an opportunist and a floor crosser. Absolutely unacceptable trait for any politician.

Miles Lunn

Wrong, Quebec has no conservative party and while CAQ is a small c one, when he went provincial it was PQ vs. Liberals. Lawrence Cannon who was a Harper minister is also a provincial Liberal. In most provinces, agreed being a provincial Liberal is crossing the floor, but in BC and Quebec it is not as both parties are big tent coalitions. Quebec Liberals are essentially a federalist coalition with people across the spectrum and main goal is to keep PQ out. In BC, BC Liberals are a pro free enterprise coalition of both Liberals and Tories whose main goal… Read more »


I’m in BC and right now there isn’t a single Federal or Provincial Party worthy of my vote. I would like to see “None of the above” on a ballot. Our current voting system is ignorant. It promotes a blatant dictatorship like we had last time.


check a litter closer & dig a little deeper & I’ll bet you can find a connection back to trudo & the libs advising charest to run for the conservatives.


If Jean Charest becomes leader I will not vote Conservative!

old white guy

I decided this next election I will no longer vote. My vote has been wasted in my ridings for decades. If you think I am wrong see George Carlin’s rant on not vioting, he has my vote.


What do you expect from a ‘former’ Liberal ?!! The Liberal’s ARE trying, more and more, to infiltrate the Conservative party so there will come a time that ALL the parties running will be on the left side / left of centre side of the political spectrum… I hold up Andrew Scheer as the very obvious example of that : ‘ Liberal Lite ‘ – that’s all…. To heck with that. If you ever want to win, Conservatives, you’d better give Canadians a truly conservative leader. Sort of like Maxime Bernier – you know, the guy you threw away ?!!!… Read more »


I’m with you on that one.

Nolan Diamond

If Bernier can’t be elected as a PPC, then maybe he has to return to the CPC. At this time, he is against that, but should reconsider.


Conservatives NEVER wanted or EVER WANT Charest in a Conservative Leadership Bid. He is Another CORRUPT Liberal who should be behind bars!


Why does he call himself a Conservative?? Likely collecting a BIG FAT paycheck from Huawei just like Chretien. It’s all about the money, power & influence. Thank goodness this has come out. Get him away from CPC.

old white guy

Golly, I wonder why it is ok for a liberal pm to support communists but not ok for your average liberal lite “conservative” to work with them. I know, Canadians are stupid.


Jean Charest’s Potential CPC. Should never be allowed his can be bought and paid for he fits in Quebec the most Corruption Province in Canada.
Canadians are sick and tired of these people holding down Government Jobs. Lies and no ethics
Does not belong in Canada and Canadians need to get rid of all those who are on the take. Canada needs someone Ethical and high standards who will fight for Canada and not the UN or other foreign countries who want to own Canada.
Say NO to to Charest and his like.


Thank you. Right on.


Not really sure how Charests name came up for the leadership of the Conservative party but it was a good joke. Probably started by Trudeau himself. Hahaha Charest Isn’t even a has been because he never was a been To funny though, nobody under 50 even knows who he is or cares. hahaha


What has become of Canadian political parties.What do they stand for.Here we go Charest leaning to the left,our prime minster leaning to the left.Here we got labour party leader trashing USA because America killed a man who was promoting terrorism,and then we have Iranian community being upset because of one of their parliament representative sides with Iran.Why are these represantative representing us, when they don’t represent Canadian values,yet they are allowed to assasinate character one of the Liberals representative who was running for Burnaby South in British Columbia just because somebody put on Chinese app that she is of Chinese… Read more »

Richard Courtemanche

Don’t these people know to stay away and not tarnish their reputation further!


Charest in the Conservative Party will guarantee Trudeau a third term.

Miles Lunn

Maybe if he runs a bad campaign, but here is reality, more centrist leaders tend to do better than more right wing. Reason is two fold. 1. Base has nowhere else to go, but may stay home, but most are concentrated in very safe Tory ridings where they can lose 20 points and still hold those seats. 2. It is swing voters who decide election outcomes and most are close to middle. 30% will always vote Tory, 60% never will, while it is the 10% who sometimes do and sometimes don’t who decide elections. Can Charest win this group? Maybe,… Read more »


Charest! No Way!!!!!!


Canada needs a leader for all of Canada. Canada never was founded by two cultures that were pushed in law as a way to discriminate in favor of Francophones.

Robert Anes

I have been asking for MONTHS : “Name ONE PM from Quebec who was good for ALL of Canada. Still waiting for an answer. NO MORE PM’s FROM QUEBEC !