Jean Charest’s Potential CPC Leadership Bid Dealt Crippling Blow After Report Reveals He’s Been Advising Communist China’s Huawei

There’s no chance the Conservative base will vote for somebody who’s been helping a company controlled by Communist China, especially since Charest has advocated for Canada to take the side of China instead of standing with our close U.S. ally.

Jean Charest’s potential leadership bid for the Conservative Party – which was already extremely unlikely – has been dealt a crippling and fatal blow.

The report (which is paywalled) reveals that Charest has been helping Huawei on both Meng Wanzhou’s extradition case, and is also advising them on their effort to get approval to be in Canada’s 5G networks – something many security experts have warned against since Huawei is an extension of China’s Communist Party.

Additionally, the report points out that Charest wants ‘closer-ties’ with Communist China, slammed the decision to fulfill our extradition request with the U.S. in regards to Meng Wanzhou, and had to acknowledge that he ‘had clients in China.’

At one point, Charest sided with China during a forum discussion with Peter MacKay, while MacKay made clear that he would always side with a democracy like the US over China.

Now, this is clearly a crippling blow to Charest’s effort to lead the Conservative Party. For a pro-Communist China politician to lead Canada’s Conservatives would be absurd and outrageous, and the Conservative base will be rightfully outraged by this recent revelation about Charest.

Notably, opposition to Huawei and Communist China is something that unites Canadians, so Charest’s stance on China makes him totally unelectable in this country.

As Terry Glavin put it, the “Manchurian candidate for the Conservative Party leadership” has been “exposed.”

You can read the Globe & Mail story on Charest here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube