REPORT: Canadian Forces Were At Base Targeted By Iranian Missiles

Both Trudeau & Chief of the Defence Staff confirmed it.

During his recent press conference, PM Justin Trudeau revealed that Canadian troops were at the base in Erbil Iraq that was targeted by Iranian missiles.

Chief of Defence Staff Jonathan Vance also confirmed this.

No Canadian troops were injured in the attack, nor were any Americans.

Notably, the Iranian missile attack appears to have been far less than what was originally expected by some, leading to the impression that it was for domestic consumption, allowing the Iranian regime to claim they took ‘revenge,’ while not provoking an unstoppable response from the powerful US military.

Additionally, Trudeau was asked whether he could ‘unequivocally’ say the plane was not shot down, and he said he could not, noting it was “too soon to speculate.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Those missiles from Iran were very accurate in hitting targets dead center showing the US that their weapon systems are highly advanced and could have hit American targets.
This is why President Trump stopped the escalations in provoking Iran with military might.

Peter Gill

“…too soon to speculate…”
Give him a few days, then when it’s not too soon, speculation will be just fine.