WATCH: Trudeau Speaks After 63 Canadians Killed In Plane Crash

Canadian government has called for a full investigation.

Following the loss of 63 Canadians in a plane crash in Iran, and the decision to withdraw some Canadian troops from Iraq amid US-Iran tensions in the region, Justin Trudeau spoke at the Ottawa Press Gallery.

You can watch Trudeau’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

He seems more concerned about them than Military Canadians who died fighting for Canada. Now he is trying to look so important and tough by growing a beard to look like his daddy Fidel Castro. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Gerri Page

Who writes his speeches because he doesn’t know how except to mumble ah, ah, mm etc.?

Elizabeth Moorhouse

It’s time our Military stood up to this fool, and his Minions! We didn’t raise our young men and women brave enough to serve, to protect this imbecile, or what he stands for!! Time to rise up Canada if you want a chance at freedom! Just saying… God Bless!


Got to put on another show…..

Diane DiFlorio

He looks a lot like his buddy to HIS left.

alan skelhorne

oh my goodness, what would the lil boy say if his brother was killed over there. really this guy is a complete fool. thak god he has a [prmter, because, there is no way in hell, he could use his heart, instead of his acting skills.


CSIS should be taking a close look at every single person who paraded on the streets in the various cities in support of the Iranian regime. Deport as necessary to be safe.

Elizabeth Moorhouse

Del, did you forget what country you’re in? In Toronto, the Rebel reporter David Menzies, was threatened with arrest! For calling that dead terrorist, a “Terrorist!” The police claimed it was Hate Speech!! It was inciting violence at the Vigil held in the streets by Foreigners mourning the loss of a very evil wicked man! Screaming their lovely chants! You know the ones I mean, right? Personally, I wont insult my God, in print! Or, in heart actually! So infer what you will! We are doomed as a nation if this idiot and his brood keep this up! I hope… Read more »