BREAKING: Multiple Reports Indicate Iran Shot Down Flight 752

63 Canadians were killed when the plane was downed.

U.S. officials are now confident that Iran shot down Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752.

According to multiple media outlets, Pentagon sources indicate that US intelligence detected infrared blips of missile launches, which was then followed by a blip of an explosion.

That explosion coincided with the downing of the plane.

It is believed the plane was shot down by mistake.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Gary major

Now What trudeau you waiting for Trump to bail you out DO YOUR OWN JOB Skippy!

John Deere

Surface to air missile, and was a mistake???

Agree it was a mistake, but I would have to think it was intentional.

Sharon Kerr

Imagine now if they had ‘weapons of destruction” a very nervous Iran wouldn’t you say. They obviously don’t know President Trump, he wouldn’t attack without provocation and good reason. It’s a game of, you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you, if you hit me, I’ll hit back, and so on. Obama gave them palets of money which Iran seen as a weakness, even after they were responsible for the deaths of American soldiers and a contractor.


The world’s leading exporter of terrorism, Iran ?
NOT a long stretch to believe they could have shot down a plane.
More likely on purpose, or WHY don ‘t they want to hand over the black boxes from that same plane ?!