Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu To Run For CPC Leadership

Gladu says she “can bring a winning strategy.”

Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu – who represents the Sarnia-Lambton riding, is running for the Conservative Party leadership.

In an interview, Gladu said “We need somebody that’s going to bring a better balance of fiscal responsibility and social compassion.” Adding, “I’m looking at all the people running and it’s all the same-old, same-old.”

She says she has a full campaign organization in place.

Gladu has said she would let provinces opt out of the carbon tax. She also said Canada needs to “achieve those Paris targets,” and says “clearly we need to do more here at home. We’re not going to make our existing Paris targets with the existing plan. So we’ve really got to focus on the top three, which are major industrial emitters and transportation and buildings.”

It should be pointed out that Andrew Scheer had promised to meet the Paris targets, yet that didn’t stop the establishment press from attacking his plan and calling him a ‘climate denier.’

In 2017, Marilyn Gladu shared an anti-marijuana legalization poem:


On the leadership front, it is expected that the intentions of Pierre Poilievre, Rona Ambrose, Peter MacKay, and Jean Charest will be made clear relatively soon. However, Charest’s bid may already be crippled, considering that it was revealed he’s helping Communist China-controlled Huawei.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube