DEFUND: CBC’s Vile Propaganda Blaming The United States For Iran Shooting Down Plane Shows Why They Must Be Stripped Of All Taxpayer Funding

It’s a total outrage that we are forced to pay for this garbage.

CBC has generated massive outrage with their horrendous ‘coverage’ of Iran shooting down a flight carrying 63 Canadian Citizens.

Despite the obvious fact that Iran is responsible since they are the country that shot down the plane, CBC disgustingly tried to blame the United States:

“In a disgraceful propaganda attempt, CBC is attempting to blame US President Donald Trump for Iran’s shooting down of Flight 752 carrying 63 Canadians.

CBC Reporter Katie Simpson said “63 Canadians dead because of the unintended consequences of a decision made by the US President.”’

CBC’s propaganda line is a disgrace, and is even more anti-American than Iran’s current propaganda:

“CBC is literally more anti-American than Iran’s state broadcaster.

The IRIB is reporting it was a mechanical failure. They’re lying, but even they wouldn’t go so far as to blame Trump.

Three different CBC reporters suggested the U.S. is to blame. It’s their editorial position.”

“CBC is already disgracefully spinning this as a ‘result’ of Trump ordering the death of the Iranian General. Why do they act as if events magically started there? How about starting it when Soleimani killed tons of US soldiers, or murdered 1000’s of protestors in Iran?”

At this point, there is simply no way that CBC can justify getting taxpayer funding.

Their vile propaganda doesn’t represent the Canadian People, and they should be forced to rely only on private donations and private advertising.

Canadians should not be forced to pay for this garbage any longer.

As Tom McBowski said on Twitter, defunding CBC must be something every Conservative candidate pushes for.

“#DefundCBC NOW !!!!!!

This must be the centrepiece of every Conservative’s plank that is running for PM from this point onwards.”

That’s 100% correct. CBC must be DEFUNDED!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter