A STRONG RESPONSE: Canada Must Declare IRGC A Terrorist Organization, Demand Reparations For Our Families, And Impose A Total Trade Embargo On Iran

We must show that the murderous actions of the Iranian regime will not go unanswered.

In the wake of the Iranian regime admitting to shooting down an airliner carrying 57 Canadians, the question now turns to what Canada must do in response.

Clearly, we cannot allow the murder of our citizens to go unpunished.

There must be a strong response.

And here are four things we can do right away.

First, we can declare Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization. The IRGC is responsible for much of the terrorism and violence emanating from Iran, and it was the IRGC that shot down the plane. The US has already declared the IRGC to be a terrorist group, and the Canadian government had previously said they would do the same. Time to stop the delay and make that declaration now.

Second, we must demand reparations for the families of the Canadian Citizens killed by the Iranian regime. No amount of money can ever make up for the loss of a loved one, however, it is essential that the families receive financial support, and Iran should pay for it considering they are responsible for the deaths of our citizens.

Third, we can reimpose a full trade embargo on Iran, stopping all trade between Canada and the Iranian regime. A full embargo was in force for years under the previous government, and was lifted by the Trudeau government after the Iranian nuclear deal came into effect. But with the nuclear deal dead, and with Iran’s regime acting in such a dangerous and deadly way, the full embargo must be reimposed.

Finally, we can initiate sanctions on top Iranian officials, blocking them from any transactions involving Canadian banks, and freezing any Iranian regime assets that may be in place in Canada.

These actions are all necessary to show that we value the Canadian Citizens who were lost, and to make clear that nobody can ever hurt Canadians without a swift and severe response.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Yes, very true, Spencer. The thing is that what should be done, and what will be done are two very different things. It’s Canada, so you can bet that the stupidest, most cowardly thing will be done!


Excellent list, Spencer. I WOULD add that there is NO way that Iran should be receiving foreign aid from Canada. What were we thinking in sending it to an oil rich country to begin with ?! NOT to mention the world’s leading exporter of terrorism. Hit them where it hurts, too : in their pocket book.


STOP this asinine behavior!
I thought you would be better.
Guess I was wrong too.


Spencer, first we would need a government who could “think” like you and want to protect Canadians and want a prosperous sovereign free country.
You should be PM.


Totally agree with you Spencer ! Where do we sign up 😉

Gary major

Fourth tell trudeaus brother to stop making Propaganda videos for Iran !


I don’t believe our government will do anything.I agree with Candice (above) what should be done and what will are very different. We will get a lot of tears etc, but our fearless leader will do NOTHING. As per usual.

Moe S.

Spencer, I agree with all you have suggested, however, Toronto 640 radio reported only 2 out of the 63 passengers from Canada were Canadian citizens. The others were Iranians living in Canada on visas awaiting Canadian citizenship status. I question whether the Iranian gov’t will agree to any sort of compensation for the victim’s families living here if indeed many of the victims from Canada were technically Iranian citizens?


What will done is a big zero.Lost faith in this government.


Fifth: All IRGC supporters in Canada must be interviewed and those deemed a risk to this country must be deported. Garbage like the illegal Quds street blockages and violence must be stopped rather than being given the police protection as happened last time.


The part time drama teacher does not have enough balls.