VIDEO: Trudeau Speaks After Iran Admits They Shot Down Plane

Says Iran must take full responsibility and allow a full investigation.

Following Iran’s admission that they shot down a plane carrying 176 people, including 57 Canadian Citizens, PM Justin Trudeau spoke once again to the media.

During his remarks, Trudeau said “I am outraged and furious that families across this country are grieving the loss of their loved ones, that the Iranian-Canadian community is suffering so greatly, that all Canadians are shocked and appalled at the senseless loss of life.”

The media also once again tried to get Trudeau to pin the blame on the United States, but Trudeau didn’t take the bait, instead saying “there have been tensions in the mideast for some time.”

You can watch Trudeau’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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There he goes again …talking of something he knows absolutely about : ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY …Why oh why is he asked to open his mouth ??


After leaving the podium he washed those dirty foreign words out of his mouth. He honestly has no concept of their meaning.


Well at least he didn’t blame Trump….which is what the establishment, liberal, one world order cabal bought off Media, likes to do all the time….Very tiresome….


I’m curious why the Ukrainian airliner was allowed take-off around the time missiles were being discharged. Is there someone who might be able to provide some information about this?

Major Tom

“If you kill your enemies…..they win”…..says Trudeau….So, how does he define a Shariah regime that shoots down a civilian airliner registered to a country which claims an 82% Christian population?

Gary major

Sorry i started the video Butt had to bail I can’t watch any one of these people or trudeau either The fake black hair with his grey beard Something I heard some where about the rug not matching the hair or something!


I get a headache as soon as I hear his BS talk.

D Met

He sure doesn’t look that “furious and outraged”. Nothing but a performance with the same old verbal gobbledygook, without any commitment with the promise of any substantive action. Should we be surprised?


He is so – – – – – – – pathetically – – – – – – — – – -dramatic. There is very little about him that is real, everything is play-acting. Drama queen. True, his words are the right words, but there is no need to play to the world.