Corrupt UN ‘Human Rights Council’ Has Nothing To Say About Iranian Regime Murdering Protesters

Another reason Canada should ignore the UN and stop funding them.

The United Nations may have once started from a good idea.

But now, there’s no doubt that it has become corrupted beyond all recognition.

And that corruption can be seen especially in the so-called UN ‘Human Rights Council,’ which is often led by regimes that have horrific human rights records.

The ‘Human Rights Council’ spends most of their time attacking democratic nations like Israel and the United States, while giving dictatorships and brutal regimes a free pass.

And that hypocrisy has been pointed out by Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, an organization that draws attention to the insanity going on at the UN:

“Iran protests in past two months:

1,500 protesters killed by regime

4,800 Injured

Reaction from U.N. Human Rights Council: 0 resolutions 0 urgent sessions 0 commissions of inquiry Why, @mbachelet?”

This kind of brutally messed-up priorities and ignoring the crimes of Iran’s regime is why Canada needs to ignore the UN, and stop giving our taxpayer moneys to the increasingly corrupt organization.

Spencer Fernando

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People have still not caught on to this, much more needs to be said, when we had PM Harper – he stated this and Pres. Trumps speeches at the UN should have been loudly broadcast around the world repeatedly the UN is against the people of the world and against democracy and freedom.

Donald O'Kane

Kick the UN to the curb and opt out of the UN and all their policies. They have hurt all western countries to no end and are in my opinion nothing but a terrorist organization themselves.

Major Tom

The UN is controlled by Moscow and Mecca! It’s time to throw the UN out of Canada…and get Canada out of the UN!

Guy-Paul Roy

I wonder how many FEMALE Iranians had drivers Licences??? Or am I thinking of the Saudi?? Anyways,, Drivers Licences or not,,,, Sad day for Humanity?

Joanne Sanford

I would say it is a no brainer that our Government is paying the CBC to print this garbage and we the |Public are paying for it. As to the UN that is criminal that we would be paying them for the evil they are perpertrating and we are paying big money to help them do this to us!! Wake up Canada!!

Gary major

No more money for the UN PERIOD bunch of terrorists sympathizers and enablers

David Henley

The only party that said anything about moving away from the UN was the PPC. They also wanted out of the Paris Accord which is a hoax. Nobody wants to listen. It has become popular just to go along and say and do nothing. In the end we all pay the price of the fools.


Are you kidding? Spencer, please do a follow up commentary on trudeau’s making the formal submission to the UN to have their HQ moved to Canada. The man is a disgusting virtue signalling sycophant.

Gary major

Trumps ready to kick the UN out of New York so naturally trudeau wants them here! This man-child must go and take the UN?CBC with him!