Corrupt UN ‘Human Rights Council’ Has Nothing To Say About Iranian Regime Murdering Protesters

Another reason Canada should ignore the UN and stop funding them.

The United Nations may have once started from a good idea.

But now, there’s no doubt that it has become corrupted beyond all recognition.

And that corruption can be seen especially in the so-called UN ‘Human Rights Council,’ which is often led by regimes that have horrific human rights records.

The ‘Human Rights Council’ spends most of their time attacking democratic nations like Israel and the United States, while giving dictatorships and brutal regimes a free pass.

And that hypocrisy has been pointed out by Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, an organization that draws attention to the insanity going on at the UN:

“Iran protests in past two months:

1,500 protesters killed by regime

4,800 Injured

Reaction from U.N. Human Rights Council: 0 resolutions 0 urgent sessions 0 commissions of inquiry Why, @mbachelet?”

This kind of brutally messed-up priorities and ignoring the crimes of Iran’s regime is why Canada needs to ignore the UN, and stop giving our taxpayer moneys to the increasingly corrupt organization.

Spencer Fernando