Harry & Meghan Should Pay For Their Own Security In Canada

Canada’s already over-burdened taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill.

With reports that Harry & Meghan will be spending much of their time in Canada, the question now turns to the massive costs they’ll be incurring while in our country.

According to a Daily Mail report, Justin Trudeau has already said that the roughly $1 million security costs for the couple will be covered by Canadian taxpayers.

However, that report has been cast into doubt, with the finance minister saying there has been no discussion of any costs.

Regardless, the fact is that it would be an outrage for Canadian taxpayers to be put on the hook for Harry & Meghan’s security costs.

They are both super-rich members of a royal family, and Meghan was personally wealthy ahead of time. They can easily cover their own costs.

You can think of all the things Canadians need help with, all the many Canadians who are in need and could use support.

That’s where the government should be spending money, not on paying the security costs of an super-rich elite couple who are choosing to live here.

Harry & Meghan must pay for their own security, and not one cent of Canadian taxpayer dollars should be spent on them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Or JT could just stop sending aid to countries such as China and Iran and use some of that money for their security. At least the money would be spent in Canada.

Gerri Page

Let them pay for their own security as money is needed for us, the vets, homeless people etc. not the RCMP who are bought and paid for by the Liberals.


Why in the world would we want to pay for rich people to live here? Beyond me!!!
They have money to pay for their own security.

Beverley Campbell

Look, if Harry and Meghan wish to move to Canada to enhance their lives as ordinary people, and if they or their parents wish them to have paid security, I firmly believe that they and their parents should feel free to pay for that security, surely they wish to move here so that they can live a simpler (Canadian) way of life? Do what the rest of us do, call 911 when threatened, otherwise, enjoy your new chosen life, like the rest of us.


It is nothing short of an outrage if Canadian taxpayers already stressed out financially are required to cover the security costs of these pompous windbag elites. If this is approved by the government of Canada it truly deserves to go down the drain.


This is same cry-on-demand trudeau that lied about awarding a convicted, murdering terrorist $10.5 million, “donated”millions of dollars to pay to play crooked hilary etc. etc. As if two faced trudeau could care less about where or how Canadian’s tax payer dollars are spent / wasted. Shared.


Send bill to Charles!
Welcome to Canada Harry and Meghan!

And who pays for all the other security for visit8ng diplomats?
Who pays for the rental vehicles and red license plates? Just enqiring as I do not know.


Spot on, Spencer. We have enough financial challenges facing us and piling this onto us is an injustice to the taxpayers of Canada.

Gerri Page

No doubt they will have many speaking tours like the Obamas and Hillary, so they can darn well pay for their own security as they will make millions. We don’t want them here to begin with and JT should get his head out of his butt and not expect Canadian taxpayers to pay for their security or there will be thousands who will turn against H and M the gold digger. JT should be looking after us and not trying to be a hero and generous to the two of them. We could care less about them since he married… Read more »

Gary major

No money from Canadians to protect two rich kids running away from Mommys rules Nor do they need security IMO!

D. Jerome Hauk

The one million would cover what period of time? Regardless, Trudeau is quite free with tax money. Pay their own way.


who the hell needs these grifters here?


I was brought up to have great “respect” for the Royals. but they are now just like the elites democrats/lieberals, one worlders, forced migration, Paris accord, despot leaders the one percenters we are already forced to pay for? Trudy would be so happy to have us pay.


Last thing I want to do is pay for the security of these two grifters!

Diane Nodwell

No way should Canadians have to pay for MEAGAN and Harrys SECURITY in Canada They are Millionaires and want to spunge off CANADIANS ,NO THANKYOU pay for your own SECURITY ,YOUR A DISGRACE to take money from CANADIANS


I completely agree. It is their choice to live here, therefore they can pay for their own security. Plus if media reports are true, they are just waiting for Trump to leave office and then will move to California.

Harry and Megan are openly leftist even though the royal family is supposed to be apolitical. Plus the way they are treating the Queen is a total disgrace.


Yes, but some are more equal than others 🙁

Clive Edwards

I welcome the couple to Canada. They are the good guys. Who would want to harm them, other than some whack job? We all have to deal with whack jobs. I’m sure Harry knows how to use firearms and will have no problem obtaining a firearms license and registering what he needs.

Major Tom

Justin is so handy with other people’s money………


DIdn’t he say budget will balance itself.


Didn’t he say budget will balance itself?
So he has no problem squandered taxpayer’s money.


Like suckers Canadians will pay this. And the dummies will be honored royalty wants to live in Canada. But of course Markle does not really want to live in Canada. She wants to be in LA. They will leave as soon as the publicity surrounding this move wears off. And the dummies will have been fooled


Are you serious???

Wendy Malowski

They r rich they can pay for their own security. Or Justin can pay for it out of his own pocket..

james isnor

These spoiled brats have not even finalized the move to Canada and they have already driven up the cost of housing in Victoria for the ‘little people’ They want all the trimmings that go with Royalty but none of the responsibilities. Do us all a favor and move to Hollywood with more like minded people that are cut from the same cloth


My gosh, leave them alone! Why do you think they are leaving the monarchy? They haven’t asked why are people so up in arms. Just want a normal life!! Taxpayers money going to immigrants and no outcry…..