Harry & Meghan Should Pay For Their Own Security In Canada

Canada’s already over-burdened taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill.

With reports that Harry & Meghan will be spending much of their time in Canada, the question now turns to the massive costs they’ll be incurring while in our country.

According to a Daily Mail report, Justin Trudeau has already said that the roughly $1 million security costs for the couple will be covered by Canadian taxpayers.

However, that report has been cast into doubt, with the finance minister saying there has been no discussion of any costs.

Regardless, the fact is that it would be an outrage for Canadian taxpayers to be put on the hook for Harry & Meghan’s security costs.

They are both super-rich members of a royal family, and Meghan was personally wealthy ahead of time. They can easily cover their own costs.

You can think of all the things Canadians need help with, all the many Canadians who are in need and could use support.

That’s where the government should be spending money, not on paying the security costs of an super-rich elite couple who are choosing to live here.

Harry & Meghan must pay for their own security, and not one cent of Canadian taxpayer dollars should be spent on them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube