Less Than 1% Of Canadians Watch Local CBC Broadcasts

The failing network is desperate for more tax dollars.

According to a new report by Blacklock’s, CBC is desperate for yet more money, amid collapsing ad revenue and horrendous viewership numbers.

The report indicates that CBC English-language TV ad revenue is down 37%, with less than 1% of Canadians watching local CBC newscasts at suppertime.

“The Crown broadcaster in its latest Annual Report questioned whether it can remain sustainable without more subsidies: “Program spending in future years will have to be reduced.”’

“Ad revenues at #CBC fall 37% in a year; the network in its latest annual report questions if it’s sustainable without more subsidies.”

Clearly, Canadians aren’t enjoying the content being pushed by CBC. But instead of respecting the choice of the vast majority of Canadians who aren’t watching, CBC is trying to force Canadians to fund their failing network.

Instead of being forced to fund CBC, CBC should be stripped of public funding and rely on the private sector.

You can read the full Blacklock’s report here (paywalled)

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Diane DiFlorio

1% watch ? … must be all the politicians. I wouldn’t miss them if they were gone as I haven’t watched their government funded propaganda in many years.

I agree, CBC should be striped of public funding, but as long as Trudeau is playing Prime Minister, that won’t happen.


Yes de fund CBC, instead of forcing Canadians to pay for the lieberal propaganda embarrassing confusing advertising propaganda.

Gerri Page

What happened to the billions JT gave CBC? Oh well, JT will cough up money for the useless CBC Liberal station. I never watch it because they lie and twist the truth. Time to shut down that station forever.

Guy-Paul Paul

The Liberals were almost extinct once due to the Ignorance. CBC may have to go through the same system in order to act like Canadians want and pay for.


Cut the rope and let CBC drift – onto the shoals hopefully! Tax-payer dollars should have been cut years ago. Let it stand on its own or close.


I stopped watching CBC and anything made by them years ago. Not only are they biased, a lot of what they report are just simply lies. They can’t be trusted to report unbiased truthful news stories.


“Less Than 1% Of Canadians Watch Local CBC Broadcasts -The failing network is desperate for more tax dollars.”
I have a better idea : cut off ALL funding and let them sink or swim of their own merit, viewership and ad revenue.
The time has come, and it’s LONG overdue !!!
I get my news from Rebel News, thanks, and other such independent media that actually tells the truth about the news, instead of ‘government paid propaganda’….

Eric Blair

I, too, get my news from the Rebel plus, of course, Spencer’s site and Gatestone. The only reason I might go to either the CBC or even CTV is to check whether or not they covered a story I found on other altermative sites that is important. The latest is all the deaths from the extreme cold in Afganistan/Pakistan… have you heard about it anywhere? I did on these two sites Ice Age Now and Electroverse with pictures provided. Trouble is this type of news does not fit their narrative of it getting hotter with “climate change”. All you hear… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

I have been so incensed by the tax dollars flowing to the failing print industry that I have stopped watching nearly all Canadian News, whereas prior to that I was a news junkie. I now watch the Seattle stations and get much better coverage and far more interesting news, covered in the manner in which I liked it, no twists, no fake support for the Liberals, just the delivery of the current situation around me, and yes, Seattle is close enough to say “the news around me”. I don’t think that I will EVER regain any trust in the CBC.

Gary major

Let cbc survive on their own or shut-down With their obvious liberal advocacy their not representative of Canadian interests and don’t deserve a penny from taxpayers Plus the daily LIES Promoted as Journalism!


It is painful to watch like it’s neighboring partners CNN.


I am sure advertisers are paying attention and demanding better deals. That is why CBC wants more welfare. What it does need is tough love. Start providing better content that Canadians will watch rather than groveling and pandering to the Liberals. Try operating on a subscription basis like Spokane Public Television does. They have been around for decades and have a solid viewer base.

CBC = CNN of the North.


It is common knowledge that CBC is the Liberal propaganda network of Canada. I have watched commentators actually drool while chastising the Conservatives for acting for the benefit of our Country.


Trudeau has two good mouth pieces spreading his propaganda. Katie Simpson and Rosemary Barton are both too much to watch. The only time I have watched any sort of info from the CBC was election night. There isn’t much there in the news that they could “twist”. The CBC mirrors the views of the nit left view stations NBC,CNN, and ABC…mouth pieces and propaganda of the Socialist Democratic Party of the US.

Brad Bond

CBC should be stripped of all public funding. Canadians are tired of their bias left side reporting. They have become out of touch with the average Canadian. Majority of Canadians are disgusted with CBC!