‘Eco-Socialist’ Running For Green Party Leadership

Just what Canada needs…

The Green Party of Canada may soon be led by a self-proclaimed ‘eco-socialist.’

Current Quebec Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell is planning to run for the leadership of the federal Green Party, seeking to take it further left, as if that was even possible.

Despite the fact that Elizabeth May proposed policies that would have decimated Canada’s energy sector, Tyrrell thinks May has gone too far to the political centre.

“Green Party members are looking for a leader who can modernize the party by bringing in a bold, progressive, eco-socialist platform that reflects the scientific consensus on climate change while standing up for social justice.”

Among his ‘socialist’ ideas, Tyrell wants to completely shut down the Alberta oilsands in four years, which would precipitate total economic collapse in Alberta, and devastate Canada’s economy, while enriching countries like Saudi Arabia at our expense.

As much as it would be nice to totally dismiss the Greens, the fact is that the media takes many ideas from them, and an explicitly socialist Green leader could shift media coverage of Canada’s political spectrum even further left, unless common-sense Canadians stand up and push back against the danger of those socialist ideas.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ha !
This “greenie” is radical, and a typical leftist.

Close down the oilsands in Alberta, is that a good idea (as if he can ) ? Think about it.
Another stupid leftist, without a clue.

Gary major

With the cbc down to 1% of Canadians watching plus the others way down also WHO’s to hear their liberal BS!


We can start supporting Greens by stopping by their homes and shutting off their natural gas heating for them. Put a nice strong lock on the valve. It is easy to do.


That’s a GREAT Idea!


Del that is the best comment ever, but the whole left needs it shut off, your great!