“I’m In. Stay Tuned.” Peter MacKay Announces Run For CPC Leader

MacKay makes it official.

Peter MacKay has made it official.

He’s running for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Here’s what MacKay said on Twitter:

“I’m in. Stay tuned.”

“J’y vais! Restez à l’écoute.”

According to a huge leadership race poll by the National Citizens Coalition, MacKay has the support of 10% of grassroots members.

NCC Conservative Leadership Race Poll

MacKay is expected to hold an official campaign launch event in the near future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Peter Mackay is yesterday’s news.


Pierre Poilievre all the Way!!


Ah I will wait to see what he says but I think we need Pierre Poilievre but we are still waiting to hear what he says also.
Peter McKay may be a bit of a show I was never sure what to think of him, but he is older and wiser now.
We need Conservative values and truth, lowering debt, law and order, immigration control etc. but not the show the left has going that is no help really at all for the future and general population of Canadians.


No thanks. Your Best Before date has expired.


No. Go away. Enough of the country has a bitter taste in their mouth and slander the Harper years, ( foolishly) but this will not translate into a Majority Conservative Government. Trudeau still controls the handouts and has widespread support in the Laurentian money game. We need a fresh and positive approach with no baggage. I won’t buy membership or vote if he runs. He’s old newspaper headlines coming back to haunt the populace. Go back to private life, raise your kids and love your wife. Your terms of service is complete here. Thank you but no thanks.

Steve Richards

Well that would be silly. Buy and membership and make sure you vote against him. If we all thought like that, Trudope would have gotten a majority.


Nah, Poilievre is the only candidate that is not afraid of the media. MacKay is too soft and Scheer!