Michelle Rempel Garner Says Report On Failed Conservative Campaign Should Be More Broadly Shared

“How can we possibly evaluate if that plan with work (or exists) if we don’t have an opportunity to see what the identified issues are, or what the corresponding plan is?”

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner is calling on the party to share the report on the failed 2019 campaign more broadly.

The report was conducted by former Harper government cabinet minister John Baird.

So far, the party has said that the report will stay in the hands of interim-leader Andrew Scheer, and will then be given to whomever wins the leadership race.

But Rempel Garner slammed that plan on Twitter, saying it needs to be shared more widely:

“1/ Thread. This needs to happen, and here’s why and how.”

“2/ Our party is a going concern. There are clear structural deficiencies that have been identified in this report which need to have a plan developed to rectify.”

“3/ How can we possibly evaluate if that plan with work (or exists) if we don’t have an opportunity to see what the identified issues are, or what the corresponding plan is?”

“4/ I don’t care if this happens in a room with a PowerPoint presentation because no, I don’t need it breathlessly dissected by political pundits on talk shows. I do need to know if the organization I’m a part of has a plan to get its shit together.”

“5/ I need to be able to go to my constituents, my donors, my members, my stakeholders and my staff and tell them what we feel went wrong and how we’re going to fix it. I also need to know that the hours I spent giving feedback means something.”

“6/ Our leadership candidates need to be able to address their visions for fixing these issues and moving forward. Our members need to evaluate those visions ahead of their votes.”

“7/ Why am I saying this publicly? Because things haven’t changed to date and they need to change. They can’t be allowed to be brushed under the rug. This can be a very positive exercise.”

We can see that Rempel Garner is making a good point here.

Just like a football team or hockey team that loses needs to get the whole team on board with understanding what went wrong and how they can win in the future, a political party needs to get everyone internally hearing the analysis and figuring out how to win next time.

Keeping the report only in the hands of the interim party leader makes no sense. It should be shared far more broadly.

Spencer Fernando

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How about a little informal sharing from the rank and file right here. There’s many things that will come up but the one stands out for me is Peter McKay publicly backstabbing Scheer shortly before the election. His ill-considered move hurt all of us in the Conservative party and opened the door for the Liberals and media to gleefully trumpet the Conservatives were in disarray. I was neutral to somewhat positive on McKay until that vile dirty trick. Now I despise him for putting his own interests ahead of our electoral goals. Scheer himself had too many surprises burst out… Read more »


This is a very good point, why would this be kept from the MP’s at the very least but the people running in the parties election have a real need or how can they get a good team working together?
We as the voting public just keep hearing rumors about all the divisions in the party, it makes good people look secretive and just not working together and we are waiting along with Michelle Rempel, she is right.

Eric Blair

So John Baird wrote the report finding out “what went wrong” with the 2019 election for the CPC and since then he has joined the Pierre P. campaign team Therefore he knows what needs to be done to get the CPC back in power. That is to have the CPC leader from Ontario and someone who can be humourous when need be and a pitbull the rest of the time. Having said that is well and good but it will be another 4 years until the next election as the Liberals can always count on the NDP for support as… Read more »


Michelle is 100% correct there were so many areas that dropped the ball. The old saying the boys club needs to problem solve as the team failed so bad that it’s rocked the party supporters and voters. 2019 was the sink and it must never happen again. 2 lost Elections your plan is not working you must have know what you needed to do….. As I am unsure of that too. Michelle Thankyou for thinking outside the MAN box.

Miles Lunn

I think members should see it too. When selecting a new leader, it would be good to see what were the things that cost us so we can avoid making the same mistake again.

Gary major

Michelle is spot on Reports are meant to be read and should be available to all conservative members!

Joe College

Michelle is absolutely correct on this. Working on the campaign as an EDA executive in Ontario I could say much about what was wrong with the strategy and leadership coming from the people in Ottawa at CPC National. I was never asked for input so there has been little navel-gazing at the grassroots level. Every EDA should be given a copy of the report so as to prioritize issues and make adjustments to how and when things are communicated and done. Trudeau didn’t win the election – The CPC lost it!


WOW. Thanks, Michelle. That had to be said. Thousands of us demand answers. My membership is up for renewal and right now that is in doubt. All I ever get from the Party Administration is requests for more donations. Knowing how Trudeau and his Liberals operate, this last election could very well be the last democratic election we ever have in Canada. Trudeau has not forgotten his plan to turn this country into a Post National State. He still intends to dissolve Canada and transfer control to the UN criminal elite, with him as the Commandant. The Conservative campaign team… Read more »