The Oil Industry Saved Millions Of Canadian Lives Today

Without Canada’s oil industry, millions of people would be freezing to death as you read these words.

Canada’s energy industry has once again saved millions of lives.

Of course, you won’t see or hear that ever being admitted by the establishment press or the elitist politicians, because they do everything they can to demonize and denigrate Canada’s energy sector.

“I’m a climate change denier, apparently. When I look out the window it’s -28 C and I think “Thank God fossil fuels are keeping me alive.” Cuz if I depended on wind or solar, I’d be dead now. Our lame MSM would like us to ignore this. @CBCNews @CTVNews @globalnews @globepolitics”

Yet, it is the clear reality.

Without oil, and without the Canadian oil industry, millions of people would be unable to heat their homes amid the brutal cold snap hitting much of the country.

Consider that when a celebrity donates a few millions to a cause that saves thousands of lives, they’re praised as ‘heroes,’ but when the men and women of the energy sector get up every day and go to work maintaining a system that saves millions of lives daily, they get no credit.

Even worse, rather than crediting the Canadian oil industry with all the lives it’s saving everyday, it gets attacked and is the target of relentless propaganda meant to turn Canadians against the very industry that makes many of our lives possible in such a cold country.

That’s why supporters of Canada’s energy industry should no longer be on the defensive. Supporting Canada’s oil industry means supporting a system that saves millions of lives, and it’s those who want to see that industry destroyed who should be forced to explain themselves.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

That is just another reason why Justin Turdeau has to be removed from his office


Plastics get extremely fragile in these cold temperatures as well. I have noticed an increase of damages that can only be replaced and not repairable. This brings into question of our politicians policies in a very cold climate. Has anyone checked the outcome of our government mixing our fuels of gas and alcohol? They have very differently octanes and are really doing damages to small engines. I made the mistake once of using a different fuel and oil mixture once and it was eating the rubber off the machinery. If the lower octane in alcohol is not burning, then that… Read more »

Donald O'Kane

Perfectly stated Spencer. Perhaps we should turn the heat off on ALL these Leftards and corrupt media. Maybe then they would sing a different tune, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. Maybe they would just plug into the nearest solar panel that isn’t working right now. They would just jump on a plane and fly somewhere warm at OUR expense. They have NO CLUE who butters their bread or heats their homes and they just don’t care. Arrogant as—-es.

Guy-Paul Roy

Save the world and cancel your Utilities. McKenna will be proud of you.


Thank you for stating the obvious.

Raymond Merkus

Its been -40 for a couple of nites here in Alberta. And we ALL say “thank The Lord for fossil fuels” or we would be dead. Exactly what you are saying. Why would ANYONE who lives in Canada be that stupid as to ban the very life-saving fuel that we need? Absolutely beyond comprehension to us Westerners….

Gary major

And cbc for the last two days has been MISREPORTING that last year was the hottest in Decades BS! cbc ! I for one is not going to miss either cbc or jt!

R Welgush

CBC never reports anything accurately about climate. One of the biggest alarmists alongside of Trudeau. Both need to go

Ripudaman Negi

Extreme straw man argument, if it were not for central heating, and other modern conveniences, Canada’s population would be only indigenous peoples, whom did just fine before the whiteman and Oil rolled around.

Or another way of looking at it would be: Who would move to Canada, knowing full well that the chances of them freezing to death was a very real possibility

R Welgush

Fossil fuels keep us safe and warm. Get rid of Trudeau

Clive Edwards

We need more oil rigs, more refineries, more pipelines, more storage and more access to world markets fur our surplus. All of these will bring more jobs, more royalties, lower taxes, more home sales, more vehicle sales, more retail and restaurants, more travel, more education, better medical and better retirement when we are no longer hired, even though we can still do the job.

Pauline Loney

I wish all of Canada thought like this. We would be much more unified!

Ruth Bard

Meanwhile, kids in school are being told that “the earth is on fire.”


The education system we have must be altered to be realistic. It is sickening, the degree to which children are indoctrinated. It is disgusting that there is no common sense left. Who in their right mind would allow 16 year olds to tell the world’s population how they should live?