The Oil Industry Saved Millions Of Canadian Lives Today

Without Canada’s oil industry, millions of people would be freezing to death as you read these words.

Canada’s energy industry has once again saved millions of lives.

Of course, you won’t see or hear that ever being admitted by the establishment press or the elitist politicians, because they do everything they can to demonize and denigrate Canada’s energy sector.

“I’m a climate change denier, apparently. When I look out the window it’s -28 C and I think “Thank God fossil fuels are keeping me alive.” Cuz if I depended on wind or solar, I’d be dead now. Our lame MSM would like us to ignore this. @CBCNews @CTVNews @globalnews @globepolitics”

Yet, it is the clear reality.

Without oil, and without the Canadian oil industry, millions of people would be unable to heat their homes amid the brutal cold snap hitting much of the country.

Consider that when a celebrity donates a few millions to a cause that saves thousands of lives, they’re praised as ‘heroes,’ but when the men and women of the energy sector get up every day and go to work maintaining a system that saves millions of lives daily, they get no credit.

Even worse, rather than crediting the Canadian oil industry with all the lives it’s saving everyday, it gets attacked and is the target of relentless propaganda meant to turn Canadians against the very industry that makes many of our lives possible in such a cold country.

That’s why supporters of Canada’s energy industry should no longer be on the defensive. Supporting Canada’s oil industry means supporting a system that saves millions of lives, and it’s those who want to see that industry destroyed who should be forced to explain themselves.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube