UNANIMOUS: Supreme Court Shuts Down Horgan’s Attempt To Block Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

Good news for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an appeal by the B.C. government that had sought to overturn a decision that struck down the province’s legislation seeking to block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

As a result, the decision by the B.C. Court of Appeal remains in force, and B.C.’s legislation is struck down.

B.C. had basically sought to control what oil Alberta could send through the province in pipelines. Of course, since pipelines that cross provincial borders are considered a federal jurisdiction as national infrastructure, there were serious doubts as to whether B.C. could exercise control over it.

The judges unanimously shut down B.C.’s argument, needing only about an hour of deliberations to make their decision.

As Justice Rowe said, “If you have a pipeline and you can’t put anything through it, it’s totally useless. That frustrates the federal permitting process does it not? Today, it’s heavy oil. Tomorrow, it could be anything else.”

This is a great decision for Canada, as it reaffirms the ability of the government to approve infrastructure projects, and stops the hypocritical move of the Horgan government to try and control and block Alberta’s oil resources.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Donald O'Kane

Great decision now we have to remove Bills C48 and C69 to get the oil to world markets. With those bills in place the oil is still deadended at the coast.


Occasionally things go right.

If only it wasn’t a surprise, due to rarity, when it happens.

Eric Blair

Now that Alberta can put anything in the pipeline they want how’s about putting air in it as in no oil for BC especially on some cold winter night.

R Welgush

Great decision

Ron Shaw

Now send Horgan and his NDP goofballs the lawyers bills , RCMP policing costs , eco terrorists clean up costs and loss of productivity costs , then watch that snake squirm . But – but -but…..


This Supreme Court decision would also apply to Quebec. It would also apply to the Trudeau Government when he kept inventing conditions for Energy East just to pander to Quebec. He cannot stop or restrict something that is perfectly legal.