BREAKING: Trudeau Government To Give $25K Per Victim To Families Of Those Killed By Iranian Regime On Flight 752

When asked once again by the media whether the US had any responsibility, Trudeau said “The Iranians bear full responsibility for having shot down the civilian airline with 57 Canadians aboard, 176 passengers.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government will compensate the families of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents killed by the Iranian regime when Flight 752 was shot down.

As reported by The Post Millennial, Trudeau said “Let me be clear: we expect Iran to compensate these families. I have met them. They can’t wait weeks. They need support now.”

“We in discussion with those families came at the $25,000 per victim initiative, but obviously this is immediate assistance for the needs they might have, it is not the compensation we expect will come or should come from Iran in due course, but these families need help now, and we will be getting this money to them as quickly as we possibly can in the coming days,” added Trudeau.

Trudeau says any and all money from Iran would go directly to the victims, not the government.

Trudeau was also asked once again by the media if the US bore any responsibility for the plane being shot down. Notably, Trudeau said Iran had full responsibility for shooting down the plane:

“The Iranians bear full responsibility, for having shot down the civilian airline with 57 Canadians abroad, 176 passengers. We will be working very hard alongside partners internationally to bring down tensions in region on all sides, to look to de-escalation and stability in the region.”

Spencer Fernando

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Finally a sensible decision by Trudeau. Few and far between.

Moe S.

No way Del! This is bribe money so the families of these victims won’t speak to the press. Who were some of those Iranians on the plane? Reports are coming out, not mainstream media reports, there were 13 Iranians (NOT CANADIAN) who were engineers and scientists involved with Iran’s nuclear program. Why a Ukranian plane? Why was there to be a stopover in Ukranian? There are Canadian officials amongst the Ukranian gov’t. Reports are, there were Canadian visa’s awaiting in the Ukranian for those Iranians escaping to Canada. Why is Trudeau giving money to Iranian families who don’t reside in… Read more »

Major Tom

So….is Trudeau buying votes with $$$ from his trust fund?


Oh heavens no Canadian tax dollars and debt all the way.


I read elsewhere that Trudeau’s giving the victims’ families the $25,000 each but ALSO “29 permanent residents” $25,000 each. What is that all about?


So what I understand is that Canadians are compensating the 57 families of the victims of Iran PLUS 29 people that were not citizens of Canada, but permanent residents. Why?

Larry Hallatt

Come on Trudeau this is what travel Insurance covers.

Is the Federal Government now setting a precedent that other Canadian accidental deaths should be equally compensated. Are not deaths more or less equal? What about a car crash, bus or train death or a murdered victims death equivalent.


Trudeau is not for colonial Canadians just taking their money, to spend around the world for despot leaders.

alan skelhorne

flip flop Trudeau a usual, last week he was blaming the usa, I wonder what changed his mind this time. what a fraud of pm we have ruining Canada, except for Quebec.

Lance Boyle

Why is Trudeau spending my money?

Don Taylor

Our Idiot loose lips PM Turdeau should be apologizing to the USA for bad mouthing them,NOW

Gerri Page

That crash was not our fault and Trudeau has no right to fork out money to them while our homeless, seniors and vets desperately need help. He continues to give away borrowed money and put us deeper in debt and as far as Harry and Meghan are concerned, pay for your own security or take the first bus out of Canada and go to the States and no excuse about not going there because of Trump. We are getting sick of seeing and reading about the two of them everyday when there are more important issues to deal with here.… Read more »


Why should the Canadian taxpayer fork out $25,000.00 per victim? Trudeau’s response is all about votes as usual. Iran shot the aircraft down and it is their responsibility to compensate the families of victims.


And compensation from Iran will probably never come anyway…..what a total deceiver the man is. So sick of all his games.


It is good that Trudeau showing some good for the families,but beneath it all he is still the same buying votes.Nothing has changed he has divided a the country,and he is not an asset for Canada.He just looking for his own interest.


WTF. One moment he’s holding the Iranian government for compensation, the next minute he’s paying them 25K out of our taxpayers pocket to outright vote buying effort. Shameless imbecile character prostrating as leader of this country. Shame.


I feel badly for the relatives of the people on that plane, but why are our tax dollars being given to them? If I had to bring back the body of a relative in a different country no one would help me pay the money incurred. I don’t think the feds gave any money to the Humboldt bus crash families. Did they? They did get a lot of donated money from citizens and I’m sure the 57 victims families will too.

james isnor

A few years back before euthanasia was legal in Canada a friend of mine’s mother had to pay the Government of Canada $3000 to bring the ashes of her husband back from Europe where he was legally euthanized. Tragic plane crash yes. Iran’s fault absolutely. Canadian tax payers on the hook again for the PMO’s deep thoughts. This fellow has never had to work for or be responsible with his own (inherited) money. Why in the world would he ever be responsible with ours ?

Shiela S

correct you are,, there is a go fund me account worth millions

W Carter

I really wonder if our vote buying PM would be so generous (with our money) if it had been 57 Albertans that were killed? Hypocrisy runs rampant with this fluffy PM.

W Carter

I wonder if Trudo would have compensated Albertans?

Leo Frey

So Trudeau is setting a precedent and from here on in every Cadian will be suing the government for this money if they are involved in a tragedy like this.
Did he give the families of the Broncos hockey team money? Are they LESS special than these Iranian Canadians or is it because the descendants of the Broncos players are “Old Stock” Canadians.
Does this POS just flip a coin every time he makes a decision? That’s what it appears to be.