BREAKING: Trudeau Government To Give $25K Per Victim To Families Of Those Killed By Iranian Regime On Flight 752

When asked once again by the media whether the US had any responsibility, Trudeau said “The Iranians bear full responsibility for having shot down the civilian airline with 57 Canadians aboard, 176 passengers.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government will compensate the families of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents killed by the Iranian regime when Flight 752 was shot down.

As reported by The Post Millennial, Trudeau said “Let me be clear: we expect Iran to compensate these families. I have met them. They can’t wait weeks. They need support now.”

“We in discussion with those families came at the $25,000 per victim initiative, but obviously this is immediate assistance for the needs they might have, it is not the compensation we expect will come or should come from Iran in due course, but these families need help now, and we will be getting this money to them as quickly as we possibly can in the coming days,” added Trudeau.

Trudeau says any and all money from Iran would go directly to the victims, not the government.

Trudeau was also asked once again by the media if the US bore any responsibility for the plane being shot down. Notably, Trudeau said Iran had full responsibility for shooting down the plane:

“The Iranians bear full responsibility, for having shot down the civilian airline with 57 Canadians abroad, 176 passengers. We will be working very hard alongside partners internationally to bring down tensions in region on all sides, to look to de-escalation and stability in the region.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube