REPORT: Iranian Official ‘Investigating’ Killing Of Canadians Was Previously Implicated In Crimes Against Humanity

“Ebrahim Raisi was part of death commission that killed 5,000 people in Iran in 1988.”

Recently, I reported on how Iran’s foreign minister was seen smiling and laughing while meeting with Canadian officials to discuss the aftermath of Iran shooting down a plane carrying 57 Canadian Citizens.

Now, there’s even more evidence of the truly brutal nature of Iran’s regime.

It turns out that Ebrahim Raisi, the man Iran has set up to ‘investigate’ the shooting down of the plane, is himself implicated in crimes against humanity:

“#BREAKING Former @UN prosecutor at The Hague, Payam Akhavan, says man who is to investigate killing of Canadians on #Flight752 should be prosecuted himself for crimes against humanity. Ebrahim Raisi was part of death commission that killed 5,000 people in #Iran in 1988”

As noted by Terry Glavin, this makes the conciliatory remarks towards Iran by the Canadian foreign minister quite strange:

“Well that’s strange. @FP_Champagne gave every impression today that Tehran was being perfectly cooperative and all was going swimmingly. He said nothing about the vampires running the show or about the Canadians harassed while trying to retrieve their loved ones’ remains. . .”

Once again, we see that Canada can’t expect to get any honesty or truth from the Iranian regime. And that’s why a conciliatory approach can’t succeed in the long-run.

When dealing with a brutal regime, the Canadian government must show that we mean business, and that starts with designating the IRGC in its entirety as a terrorist organization, and seizing the assets of those connected to the regime who are currently within Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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R Welgush

Get rid of the Liberals. They need to be defeated in Parliament, now


Of course these Terrorists and Corrupt Countries lie and we should be tightening up against them. Yet we see Canadian money going over there for what this???

Robert Abbott

Trudeau wakeup to the reality of Iran. Send in the cleanup unit and end this madness

Lynne Mayotte

Say that we mean business: ha, with a leader like Justin Trudope. He can only act strong with we the Canadian people that have no say. He abuses us and we say no, please don’t. Him come up against the strength of monstrous leaders, never.


As always…our PM and his cohorts are all talk and bluster….no action!

Gary major

Champayne is another of trudeaus sycophants and will do nothing to upset trudeau or Iran!!