Ambrose Out

In Facebook message, Rona Ambrose says she won’t run for Conservative leader.

Earlier reports had indicated Rona Ambrose wouldn’t run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Those reports have now been confirmed, with Ambrose declaring in a Facebook post & video that she won’t run.

Her decision now establishes Pierre Poilievre, Peter MacKay, and Erin O’Toole as the undisputed front-runners in the race.

You can read Ambrose’s message and watch her video below:

“Hi everyone! Rona Ambrose here.

I want to thank you for all your messages of encouragement and support to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

It is humbling to be considered at all – because I love our party, I love the people in it and I love our country.

I have really struggled with the decision to return to political life.

I loved my 13 years in public service as an MP, minister and especially as leader of this great party. But right now, I am focused on making a difference through the private sector. Creating policy and advocating for our energy sector to create jobs. And my work continues to ensure all judges in Canada receive sexual assault law training.

And the truth is, I love being back in Alberta.

I know we will choose a strong, compassionate person to lead us – who supports ALL families; a leader who unleashes the potential of the private sector and Canadian ingenuity through low taxes and less regulation; who defends universal human rights and principled foreign policy. But more than anything we need to choose a leader who understands the job is about SERVING – serving ALL Canadians and making THEIR lives, THEIR country and THEIR world a better place to live. I know we’ll choose a good leader and I’ll be there to support HER…or him!

Thanks again to everyone who reached out. You can count on me to work hard every day to make our country a better place.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook


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She is a true Canadian, too bad she will not run though, but like PM Harper they both saw how very low the Laurentian elite lieberals will go to destroy and hate our country. We are lucky in some provinces to have good Premiers who are fighting for their country and also being lied about and demonized by the lowlife UN puppets selling us out, except their well off happiest province.

David MacKAY

Yes Ms. Ambrose please ensure that all those leftist judicial appointments get sexual assault training they will not use and will avoid. Also make sure our energy industry is revitalized as the PM places more roadblocks against the Western energy industry using existing Federal committees and the Federal court. Oh and while your at it sit on your hands while Trudeau ensure the leftists impose the UN Aboriginal rights agreement on not Just BC but all Canadian provinces and ends legal land ownership. We see you retained your desire to ensure the Liberals who hijacked the Conservative party ensure it… Read more »

shawn harris

Rona Ambrose has shown clearly, with her statement of remaining a private citizen, why she would have been a strong leader, more than capable of defeating Trudeau and his corrupt Liberals. If anything, she has once again shown that standing up for what she believes in and holding a principled and balanced set of morals and values, is just what Canada and Canadians need the most , right now.


I’m sorry to hear this. Would like a strong woman to run against our feminist PM, but not sure who. Michelle Remple maybe?


Great news. Conservatives need a “conservative” leader, not hilary clinton lover & admirer-er like ambrose. Good ridance. Shared.

john cox

To bad Rona would have been an awesome leader but I respect her desire to say in Alberta, can’t say as I blame her. I will now be voting for the Wexit Party in th nexr election.

pancake rachel corrie

Never cared for this liberal anyways

old white guy

Oh, well, one more liberal lite out of the running.