Horrible: Winnipeg’s 4th Homicide Victim Of The Year Is A 3-Month-Old Baby

The brutal surge of crime in Winnipeg continues.

Winnipeg’s unfortunate nickname of ‘murderpeg’ isn’t going away anytime soon, as the horrendous surge in violent crime continues.

After breaking the homicide record last year, Winnipeg has already had 4 murders this month alone.

And the latest is especially tragic, as the victim was a 3-month-old baby boy.

According to Winnipeg Police, a 29-year-old Winnipeg man named Mathieu Moreau is facing manslaughter charges.

Police say the child was taken to hospital in critical condition with ‘internal injuries.’

Here’s what Winnipeg Police spokesman Rob Carver said:

“I think tragically … in an awful lot of child abuse cases and child homicides, there isn’t a motive,” said Carver. “In my brief experience in the unit and my understanding of the nature of these incidents, frustrations of life and of being a parent or a caregiver can move to episodes of anger, and babies are delicate little things and if they’re subjected to an outburst can, unfortunately, suffer traumatic or tragic injuries.”

Sadly, with many politicians more focused on virtue-signalling and attention grabbing rather than cracking down on crime and giving the police the tools they need, Winnipeg’s crime surge is set to continue.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube