“Negative Audience Feedback”: Rosemary Barton Dropped From ‘The National’

The new format with four hosts was widely criticized from the beginning, and is being scrapped.

Amid what CBC is calling ‘negative audience feedback,’ Rosemary Barton is being dropped from ‘The National’.

The four-anchor format is being scrapped, with Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang as the remaining hosts from Monday to Thursday, while Ian Hanomansing will host on Friday & Sunday.

Out of all the anchors, Barton is the only one who will not host ‘The National’ any longer, instead being moved to a role described as ‘Chief Political Correspondent.’

According to a CBC memo reported by the Globe & Mail, the change is permanent:

“In a memo to staff outlining the changes on Wednesday, Chad Paulin, the executive producer of The National, wrote: “Television news viewership is driven by consistency, both in format and in presentation. Our audience told us they want to know what they can expect night to night: who will bring them the news and how it will be delivered. We listened. This season we have slowly introduced measures that lead to a more consistent program – including tweaks to our format and sharpened hosting roles.”

He added that the show “quietly made this change weeks ago. Effective immediately, it is permanent.”’

Barton had been seen by many Canadians as biased towards Justin Trudeau, an impression which grew enormously after Barton was included in a lawsuit by CBC filed against the Conservatives during the narrowly contested 2019 election campaign.

Spencer Fernando

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