“Negative Audience Feedback”: Rosemary Barton Dropped From ‘The National’

The new format with four hosts was widely criticized from the beginning, and is being scrapped.

Amid what CBC is calling ‘negative audience feedback,’ Rosemary Barton is being dropped from ‘The National’.

The four-anchor format is being scrapped, with Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang as the remaining hosts from Monday to Thursday, while Ian Hanomansing will host on Friday & Sunday.

Out of all the anchors, Barton is the only one who will not host ‘The National’ any longer, instead being moved to a role described as ‘Chief Political Correspondent.’

According to a CBC memo reported by the Globe & Mail, the change is permanent:

“In a memo to staff outlining the changes on Wednesday, Chad Paulin, the executive producer of The National, wrote: “Television news viewership is driven by consistency, both in format and in presentation. Our audience told us they want to know what they can expect night to night: who will bring them the news and how it will be delivered. We listened. This season we have slowly introduced measures that lead to a more consistent program – including tweaks to our format and sharpened hosting roles.”

He added that the show “quietly made this change weeks ago. Effective immediately, it is permanent.”’

Barton had been seen by many Canadians as biased towards Justin Trudeau, an impression which grew enormously after Barton was included in a lawsuit by CBC filed against the Conservatives during the narrowly contested 2019 election campaign.

Spencer Fernando

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Diane DiFlorio

What’s the chance she’ll land a job in the Liberal cabinet?

Peter Black

The ratings make this change an hilarious joke. DEFUND tHESE iDIOTS


Defund the
Communist Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Bolshevik Corporation
Commies Be Commies

Pick whichever CBC you like 🙂

Gary major

Now shutter the CBC useless/lying/liberal shills/fake news spends most of time bashing Trump!


Same thing Globe and Mail does. They are also bashing Conservatives all the way every day. A truly communist rug….


Barton should have been fired altogether. I have stopped watching the CBC because of all the lies, the Liberal Bias and I cannot stomach watching Barton and her Liberal Bias! Barton being now named “Chief Political Correspondent”? What’s that all about. She should have NO say whatsoever when it comes to politics. She should be GONE!


Agreed, I dont give damn about what Bartons opinion is on anything.
Completely biased, and shameless about it, too boot.


Let me guess. You are a fan of Donald Trump and Fox News! You do not ascribe to Public Broadcasting of any sort because this challenges your preconceived notions of the the Fourth Estate , in your mind “The Enemy”. Rosemary Barton is a delightful, witty, humorous, insightful, honest reporter of news. Whether that news be political, religious, &/or events based. Spread your wings…watch both National & Local news on CBC, CTV, Global, PBS, read a newspaper, scan all news on the Internet. And for heaven’s sake Fact Check. Your role as an adult in 2020 is to educate yourself,… Read more »


nobody watches the UN national

Eric Blair

Too little, too late. They ought to have included that other so called reporter Katie Simpson. Both Rosie Barton and Katie Simpson belong on the radio, for obvious reasons!

Tim Peterson

Took them long enough

Philip Clement

Besides acting like a teenager around Trudeau – she was horrid as a TV commentator, never bringing a sentence to conclusion before interrupting herself, interrupting others, NOT LISTENING to answers to her questions, say “uhh” CONSTANTLY, and demonstrating every night her LACK of class, maturity and insight as a public communicator. Today is a good day for the CBC.


You cant salvage the CBC, defund it.

Terrie M Reekie

Chief Political Correspondent and so the bias continues.

alan skelhorne

one down, how many to go.


The chief sycophant.

shawn harris

A good start, but a better path to follow would be to defund the Trudeau Liberal propaganda outlet; especially since long ago it ceased being a trusted source of news for Canadians.

Rocky Potuer

It’s about time! All she was, was a tax dollar loving, Liberal loving, biased complainer that is just like all the Liberals and blames everything on everyone else, and babbles a bunch of “climate emergency” Liberal propaganda, and never has a clue about what Canada and Canadians are doing or believe we can do! She was in the sock puppets pocket, and she made it obvious every time she was on the air! CBC needs to get back to “reporting the news”, and stop voicing their opinions or getting others to voice theirs! Just report the news already!!

john cox

SHe should be glad CBC dumped her!! Now she get a real job with a real news outlet that people actually watch. As of the last survey 94.7% of Canadians don’t watch the CBC. Makes sense, I haven’t watched the station since the early 70s.

Nolan Diamond

The only program on CBC I watch is Murdoch Mysteries, even though it pushes left wing agenda’s at times. The Fox News channel is the only choice for conservatives in Canada?


Rosemary Barton and many should not be working as Journalists! Why the CBC is taking money and are biased as well. I boycott this and many. More Canadians need to this stand as here and voice and demand Journalists be as you Spencer and the True North (deliver the Facts)

Allan Holt

good riddance, now they can get rid of the drummer boy and the out of breath Jody Foster clone and keep Ian as he is truly the only news person on the program…the rest are and were wannabees…


YAY. One down, many more to go. Maybe there is hope yet.

Moe S.

This useless government state-owned broadcasting system receives an annual 1.2 billion dollar subsidy from the Trudeau Liberal government! Apparently, fewer than 1% of Canadians watch the CBC. Shuffling around these Liberal biased ‘hosts & anchors’ isn’t going to make one bit of difference. Awake Canadians are not drinking what the CBC serves as news anymore.

Ron Shaw

Defund the CBC as government fake news paid for with our tax dollars , just state gibberish

old white guy

The whole crew are so far left they don’t where right starts. Close the CBC, at they very least pull them away from the government trough.

Mike Bromley

….which means we will still hear her lasciviously sycophantic slant on Canadian Politics…..

S. Eisner

Rosemary Barton & Katie Simpson should move to CNN where they belong!
I don’t subscribe to that Channel.
CBC should reinstate the old format….
one person on National News.


CBC news is so biased and corrupt that I don’t bother watching it at all. Defunding CBC would be the right and proper thing to do.


Not surprising. People tend to bond with their propagandists. Some weird kind of Stockholm Syndrome.

Allan de St Remy

Barton is the main reason my wife and I do not watch CBC anymore. She should have been fired altogether. It is an embarrassment that an anchor on National TV could be so obviously biased whenever she spoke and with whom ever she spoke to. I put her in a category along with many of the hosts on USA T.V. C.B.C. should do a complete housecleaning as there are many others that should have been fired long ago.


I have been and will continue to be an admirer of Rosemary Barton’s inherent skills and abilities as a top notch Canadian journalist. She is fair, honest, witty, intelligent, and has a wicked sense of humour. As a moderator she is objective & excels at presenting news in whatever format she so chooses. FYI. I am a supporter of: door-door mail service, public Crown Corporations like SaskTel & SaskPower, am a member of various Canadian co-ops, past member of both recognized Professional Associations & Unions, supporter of both pipelines and environmental measures to fuel our economy, and remain “apolitical” until… Read more »