New MP Derek Sloan Running For Conservative Leader

Says “it’s time to stop being afraid to be conservative.”

Newly-elected Conservative MP Derek Sloan is running for the party leadership.

In a Twitter video, Sloan said “I’m in. It’s time to stop being afraid to be conservative. Stay tuned…”

“I’m in. It’s time to stop being afraid to be conservative. Stay tuned…”

Sloan was elected in 2019 in the riding of Hastings-Lennox & Addington.

In a press release, Sloan said “I feel the party focuses strictly on economic issues, which are very valid, but we need to go above and beyond. We need to be the dominant political force in this country.”

He also said the party should be “Conservative in every traditional sense, including those that many candidates do not have a plan for.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Miles Lunn

Whatever his merits, he needs to gain a little more experience. Last time around having 13 candidates didn’t work out well, so we should have fewer. I think having O’Toole, MacKay, and Poilievre only would work just fine and Ambrose if she wants to run. They are known factors and have experience (even though no Poilievre fan myself) and also will allow for a real debate on ideas between leaders which is tough to do if stage is too crowded.

alan skelhorne



Let’s not be so quick to judge. Donald Trump had no previous exp and he came with a business background and look at USA today. Millions of jobs created,trillions of new investment,removal of restrictive economy killing
Legislation, new trade agreements,moving toward stopping illegal immigration etc etc. In my view previous political exp brings just more of the same.

Gary major

Who! Nope !


Not focus on economy? Well, what would he focus on. Most people put the economy first. Food, heating, clothes and living are all first about the economy.


Very New to the Party but should not be rejected. The party obviously need new vision. Even if Derek Sloan is new he sure could give new life to the party, be it TEAM WORK in creating a unified platform. It is time to be the party for Canadians and not the same old policies Canada is so desperately in need from the top to the bottom and it better happen soon or we know it will not be a Free Country .

Guy-Paul Roy

As a proud Conservative and Canadian, I am not always proud of some Canadians. I have always been proud of the Majority of Conservatives.