Social Conservative Richard Décarie Running For CPC Leadership

Décarie says “All the so-cons are mobilizing behind me because I’m the only candidate who is running that actually represents their values.”

Richard Décarie, a socially conservative former Conservative staffer, says he’s running for the CPC leadership.

He was an organizer for the party in Quebec, and served as the deputy chief of staff for Stephen Harper between 2003-2005.

According to a report by the National Post, he has already assembled a team of prominent Canadian social conservatives:

“His campaign manager is Russ Kuykendall, who managed Tanya Granic Allen’s 2018 Ontario PC leadership campaign and was deputy campaign manager for Brad Trost’s 2017 federal Conservative leadership campaign. Mike Patton, who handled Trost’s communications in 2017, will be doing the same for Décarie. Trost himself will be campaign chair, meaning he’ll quarterback fundraising. Trost finished fourth in the 2017 race, which had 14 candidates on the final ballot.”

Trost proved influential in the previous leadership race, as his supporters helped contribute to Andrew Scheer’s victory. At the time, Scheer was perceived as more socially conservative than second-place finisher Maxime Bernier, who had run as more of a libertarian.

Unsurprisingly, Décarie is taking socially conservative positions on key social issues:

“He said his own takeaway is that you have to be clear about what you stand for. “If you have pro-life values, you need to put them ahead in your policies,” he said. On same-sex marriage, he said his own view is that it’s a religious concept and should be between a man and a woman, and anything else should be a civil union with the legal rights that entails.”

It should be noted that the membership of the Conservative Party had voted to end the party’s past opposition to same-sex marriage.

Time will tell if Décarie gains any traction in the race, as many Conservatives feel Scheer’s inability to explain his position on social issues (combined with media bias) cost them a very winnable election. A Décarie led-party could face even more difficulty in appealing to the voters who the party failed to win over in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

is he not just another Quebecer


I agree there too, alan.

Steve Richards

Agreed, if he is from Quebec then we do not want anything to do with him. The time for corrupt politicians from Quebec and pandering to Quebec is over.


I cannot even make a polite comment on this. I am old fashioned but I think common sense needs to take hold. Sex and all it’s variants will not run a country anyway near properly, focus on a prosperous Canada, I could care less what consenting adults do privately in their bedrooms, except if there are children involved because children need protection. Let the lieberals think they are woke to sex and use it as a political sexyness or what ever other confusing distraction they think they need to win for the UN program. Are Canadians so blind that this… Read more »


Remember the last Conservative Leadership race. The Conservative party fundraiser more like it! They allowed Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux to run and because of them (true Conservatives), many took out memberships in order to vote for them/him. This allowed the party to rake in/cash in on Social Conservative support big time, big money! The elites in the party voiced their support for Scheer, (which really was support for Trudeau, knowing that Scheer would never win, and making sure of it). Then, lo and behold Andrew was “Selected” as the winner, and the ballots quickly destroyed! Destroyed, most likely because… Read more »

Gary major

Nope never heard of him and as soon as i seen Quebec i don’t want to either !

Norbert Kausen

NO NO NO NO NO!!!! He is JUST as bad as Cherest!!! We do NOT need another socialist pip-squeak to screw us over!!! We need a TRUE conservative; a LIBERTARIAN, who does NOT like BIG government, but would disassemble it and give back jurisdiction to the provinces, as was intended!

Miles Lunn

Is this guy a Liberal plant? So him on CTV Question period and he seriously seems like someone who is trying to write the Liberal attack ads against the Tories. Hopefully he fails to meet the 300K deposit and minimum number of signatures.


I’m a social and fiscal conservative. I thought Andrew Scheer’s position on gay marriage was the right one. As long as the government doesn’t start forcing churches to wed these couples they should be free to marry and enjoy the same rights as others. I would NOT be ok with a leader marching in the pride parade, where even public nudity is ignored by the police. The parades are so R rated that even some gays avoid them I also want a leader who is pro life and who will tell Canadians we have NO abortion laws whatsoever, meaning it… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

I almost can not see this at all.


NO KWEEEEEEBEKKERS!!! It was WESTERN CANADA who supported the CPC, NOT Kweeeebekkk!