Harper Isn’t Running Says Rempel

Says she’s heard from Harper directly that he won’t be running for CPC leader.

Conservative MP and possible leadership candidate Michelle Rempel says she’s heard directly from former PM Stephen Harper that he isn’t running:

“For those asking, I have it on good authority, that is from him directly, that @stephenharper is not seeking the Conservative leadership. So that’s that.”

Rempel Garner’s remarks follow some speculation that Harper would be seeking to regain his past post as CPC leader, following the departure of top candidates Pierre Poilievre and Rona Ambrose.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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What a pity and such very sad news. Mr. Harper would win hands down, no contest. Let us all hope that he reconsiders.

Ron Shaw

So is the Conservative party packing up it’s lemonade stand and just letting the corrupt Trudeau liberals walk all over them ? sure looks like it , and the east wonders why the Proud West wants out of confederation , a confederation that has milked the westerners dry over the past 151+ years . Tens of thousands of Proud Westerners want a future and are willing to work hard for a place in this country and have proved our worth in the past to all Canadians, but our western federal votes have never counted and likely never will , so… Read more »

Gary major

Just as well with the bought and paid for liberal media all I got to say!


I am sad to hear this. I was truly hoping that he would run. Canadians miss him as I do, and with having voted for him, I was very upset that he lost to an Idiot like Trudope. Stephen Harper is a Common Sense Conservative and this Once Great Country would have been WITHOUT all the Division and Corruption that we have been living through with this Corrupt, Treasonous Joke of a PM and his Corrupt Cronies!

James Smith

Harper we miss you, Trudeau is a disgrace