SURVEY: Nearly Half Of Canadians Want Restrictions On Third-Trimester Abortions

Canada is more divided on abortion than the establishment politicians admit.

A new Angus Reid survey shows Canadians divided almost right down the middle on abortion.

According to the survey, 51% of Canadians say “women should have access to legal abortion at any time during a pregnancy.”

Meanwhile, 49% say “there should be a law prohibiting abortion during the third trimester of a pregnancy unless the health of the mother is in danger.”

Canada is an outlier among most countries, considering that even the most liberal nations have restrictions on third-trimester abortions.

There are regional divisions as well. A majority of people in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada want restrictions on third-trimester abortions, while a majority of people in BC and Quebec want no restrictions at all.

When it comes to partisan divisions, 68% of Conservatives want restrictions, while 39% of Liberals, and 36% of NDP supporters want restrictions.

This is a fascinating poll, as it shows the ‘consensus’ on abortion in Canada is a false consensus.

While there is no large scale appetite for a wide ranging ban on abortion, it is clear that many millions of Canadians feel there should be a law in place when it comes to third trimester abortions.

This survey shows why the Conservative Party will have to continue being open to pro-life candidates and members, and why many MP’s continue pushing for the freedom to share their opinions on late-term abortions. In a democratic country, the voices and views of millions of Canadians cannot be silenced or ignored, and the fact remains that millions of people who oppose late-term abortions (including many people in the Liberal Party and NDP), are seeking representation for their views.

Spencer Fernando


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Thanks for sharing this. Perhaps we should also view some court proceedings in the US on this very subject. What should be in control, the mind or the heart, perhaps it can be both.

Gary major

A Pregnancy above 6 months aborted is MURDER!


I’m for the fetus heartbeat restriction, unless the Mother’s life is truly at risk if the pregnancy
goes on. If we hadn’t listened to ‘ those in power’ 40 odd years ago, and believed that ‘the world was over populated’, and made the decision not to have as many children ? We, in Canada, wouldn’t be facing the insane amount of immigration numbers we are today, because “we’re not having enough babies to keep the country going.”
So say the elites, now…..It’s all mostly BS.

Donald O'Kane

In my opinion third trimester abortion are nothing short of murder, unless there are severe complications to the mother.


I agree so why did these people all vote for the left, who want this second and third trimester abortion?


Third-trimester abortions are brutally barbaric and definitely must be banned. Many health professionals who have witnessed the procedure have been emotionally scarred! #Tragic!


It’s something that even 1 out of 3 NDP supports think there should be restrictions Trudeau, Singh and May are pro abortion extremists