BREAKING: First Confirmed Case Of Coronavirus In Canada

A 50-year-old man who had travelled to Wuhan and then returned to Canada is being isolated in Toronto.

Authorities have confirmed the first case ‘presumptive’ case of coronavirus in Canada.

According to a Globe & Mail report, a 50-year-old man in Toronto is being held in isolation.

The man had travelled to Wuhan, the Chinese city of 11 million people where the rapidly spreading outbreak began.

The man is said to be in stable condition, at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto

The outbreak appears to be increasingly out of control in China, with over 50 million people now quarantined, and the Chinese government banning tourist travel out of the country.

Authorities expect more cases in Canada, and many Canadians are now wondering why flights from China have still not been restricted from entering Canadian airspace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Even the Chinese government is banning tourist travel out of their country.So, we can assume it’s probably far worse than they’re letting on…..
WHY isn’t Trudeau stepping up to ban any AND all flights coming in from China ?!!!

Major Tom

Methinks, Justin, a disciple of Agenda 30…..would not restrict incoming flights from China…..because a ‘post national state with no core values’ doesn’t require any Quarantine Act enforcement….

Chaz Martel

The never ending Chinese bequest to the world, viruses and bacilli borne from wild animals caged under often horrific conditions, which were never intended for human consumption. Infections which were consequently transferred to human hosts after the poor animals were butchered then used or sold for Chinese cuisine. SARS or coronavirus anyone? The Chinese legacy continues.

Eric Blair

If the Chinese government are banning tourist travel/flights out of the country then expect Trudeau to bravely ban flights from China to Canada. Looks like the two Michaels are having to extend their stay.

Clive Edwards

I’m sure there will be a vaccine for this. Free at your local drug store. Government mandated. No exemptions. Special “terminal care” hospices for those who get it.

Gary major

I’m one of the Canadians wondering why flights from china are no being monitored? Is our liberal GVT. that INCOMPETENT? YES!

old white guy

56 people are confirmed dead in China, now when did the death of 56 people become and epidemic let alone a pandemic in a population of 1.5 billion on a planet with 7.5 billion? I understand the need to control such things but hey, panic is not necessary.