WATCH: Peter MacKay Launches Leadership Bid

MacKay launches campaign to lead the Conservative Party, as he continues to gain endorsements.

Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay officially kicked off his leadership race.

Manitoba MP James Bezan has already praised the speech, and appears to be throwing his support behind MacKay, adding to the many endorsements MacKay has already gained.

“I like what I’m hearing from @PeterMacKay. He has a vision to keep our Conservative Party strong and united, he’s the one who can defeat Trudeau and he will ensure we have a prosperous Canada that’s united from coast to coast to coast. Peter, you can count me in! #cpcldr #cdnpoli”

Here’s MacKay’s speech:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I am afraid we will face a third term of Trudeau.


As always a good showman. Sounds like big immigration still that we cannot afford to continue, which is part of Canada’s division problem, instead of slowly integrating needed people, instead of uniting us all. Although he did sound like he understood how badly our justice system is not working which is good. He did mention pipelines but not that most of the Companies that tried and failed because of government have left our country or are trying to leave still, so is the government going to build the pipelines ? What about the UN and China take down of our… Read more »

Pat S.

I would first like to ask Peter Mackay, “Are YouA Globalist?” Do you want 3rd world migration followed by their dominance and total control ?Are you a communist?I would appreciate honest answers,not politically correct ones. If you are, then you are of no use to us as any kind of leader for us true Canadians. Stand up for a nationalist Canada.

Gary major

Does Peter have the support of the Base IMO i doubt it a Plus where’s peters baggage hidden ?


CPC is just compromised as all the national parties in HoC

David MacKAY

So is MacKAY taking on the Scheer Mantel? You know that “Mantel” being the Conservative party’s mad desire to have an unelectable leader who will even shut down free speech if that means he will not be elected. The kind of person who smiles happily during a concession to Trudeau speech, smiling because he knows he can now avoid “The Big Decision” to put Canada’s economy back on the rails? Max Bernier warned Canadians that the Conservative party is terminally ill. So far MacKAY is a question mark who was silent to let Scheer wreck any election chances as well… Read more »


I’m in! for MacKay !!!