Erin O’Toole To Launch CPC Leadership Campaign Monday

He’ll kick things off in Alberta.

Conservative MP & former Air Force Pilot Erin O’Toole is set to launch his campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada on Monday.

He’ll be kicking things off in Alberta, a clear effort on the part of the Ontario MP to show his support for Western Canada.

In the video below, Erin O’Toole officially announced he was in the race:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Well we can all wait to hear what he has to say also.


Erin O’Toole wasn’t a pilot. He was an Air Navigator.

Gary major

What the Conservative base needs to know from Erin O’Toole is his position on the UN pact/Free Speech plus does he support banning Huawei????

Gerri Page

He appears to be the better choice right now. Pierrie is gone and I will never vote for Peter MacKay.