Conservative MP Candice Bergen Considering Leadership Run

That would be great news for the Conservative Party.

Conservative MP Candice Bergen, one of the most effective communicators in the Conservative Caucus, is considering a bid for the leadership of the party.

According to a National Post report, “Manitoba MP Candice Bergen is seriously looking at launching her own bid for the Conservative leadership, a change of heart that comes after three high-profile candidates decided last week not to run.”

The report indicates that “after Jean Charest, Rona Ambrose and Pierre Poilievre all announced over the past week that they would not be entering the race, Bergen changed her mind and is gauging support, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. The decisions of Ambrose and Poilievre in particular caused Bergen to take another look.

“The field just became very small very quickly,” said the source, who would only speak on condition they weren’t named. “Circumstances have changed.” The source said Bergen has not yet made a final decision.”

The National Post indicates Bergen said she didn’t want to comment, when reached by phone.

A leadership bid by Bergen would be great news for the Conservative Party.

Bergen was one of the party’s best communicators and best performers in the House of Commons, repeatedly shredding the Liberals on issue after issue. Bergen is quick on her feet, tough in her demeanor, and doesn’t take any Liberal BS, which is the approach a lot of Conservative Party members are looking for.

And as a Manitoban, Bergen could help bridge the increasingly growing divide between Western Canada and Eastern Canada.

Hopefully, Bergen will decide to run. The party and the country would benefit from it.

Spencer Fernando

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