WHAT? Conservative Deputy Leader Wants Trudeau To Bring Canadians Currently Quarantined In China Back To Canada

Yet, without proper measures in place, that could accelerate the spread of the Coronavirus in Canada.

In what some will certainly see as a strange line of questioning, Conservative Deputy Leader Leona Alleslev is asking Justin Trudeau to bring back Canadians who are currently quarantined in China.

“The coronavirus continues to spread with more than 2,800 cases confirmed & 81 deaths. Beijing has quarantined about 50 million people. How many of the 50M in quarantine are Canadians and what is the PM doing to bring them home?Watch my question here:”

Unfortunately, since Canada is currently operating on the ‘honour system,’ and just asking people if they feel sick, any move to bring people out of the massive China quarantine and into Canada carries a risk of spreading an epidemic among Canadians, making things far worse.

Many will be questioning why the Conservatives are focused on this line of questioning, when there is in fact a growing call for a ban on inbound flights from China as the epidemic in that nation continues to spread out of control.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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I was absolutely Shocked and Disgusted when Conservative Deputy Leader Leona Aleslev asked Trudeau when he was bringing back Canadians who were quarantined in China. I did not expect such an idiotic question coming from a Conservative MP! Why would anyone in their right mind ask such a idiotic question. These Canadians are quarantined and could potentially have this Fatal, Highly Infectious Virus and Leona Aleslev wants them brought back to Canada?? I guess she wants Innocent Canadians infected, start a Coronavirus epidemic in Canada and ultimately cause the deaths of Innocent Canadians. Aleslev most definitely needs her questions Scrutinized… Read more »


I so agree, concentrate on a cure first.


I would guess this lady should have stayed LIEberal, she really has no common sense (if this is a pandemic) nor does she care for Canada. If “Canadians” want to be in Communist China, sorry but they should be prepared for what can and could happen to them over there.


Insane must be getting brainwashed!