Erin O’Toole Says He’ll March In Pride Parades That Don’t Exclude Uniformed Police Officers

After Peter MacKay says “Pride parades are important,” O’Toole says “Inclusive Pride parades are important.”

Earlier, Peter MacKay said “Pride parades are important,” and said he would march in the Toronto Pride parade.

Leadership candidate Marilyn Gladu also said she would march in the Toronto Pride parade.

Now, CPC leadership candidate Erin O’Toole is contrasting himself somewhat from Gladu and MacKay.

O’Toole says he won’t march in the Toronto Pride parade, unless it ends it’s exclusion of uniformed police officers.

Here’s what O’Toole said in a statement on Twitter:

“In uniform, I stood up for the rights of all Canadians and, in Parliament, I have always voted for liberty and equality.

As leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I will march in Pride Parades.

I will not participate in the Toronto Pride Parade while its policy is to exclude Canadians, especially uniformed police officers. In my view, its regrettable position is incompatible with the principles of inclusivity and the equality of all Canadians.

When Toronto Pride becomes a truly inclusive event, I will march in that with my uniformed friends.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Nicola Timmerman

A man with integrity! I love it. I have been pointing out this problem with some pride parades and hoping the candidates would decline to participate.

[…] because O’Toole is hardly any different when it comes to his ideas and desires. He still wants to march in pride parades, as long as uniformed police officers get to march as well, meaning not only does he want to […]