REPORT: As Coronavirus Spreads, Over 1,000 People On Flights From China Entered Canada With Zero Medical Screening

The government had claimed screening is in place. It appears that isn’t happening.

With more cases of Coronavirus being diagnosed in Canada, it appears the ‘medical screening’ the federal government claimed was in place at airports may not be happening.

As reported by Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun, over 1,000 people on flights from China entered the country without any medical screening whatsoever:

“Just like that, more than 1,000 people on three flights from China walked into Canada without medical screening.

If the coronavirus happens to be incubating in any one of those passengers who arrived at Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 3 on Monday, they are now mingling with Canadian residents.

“I was asked when we got to the Canada Custom’s inspection point if I had been in Wuhan in the past 14 days or if I had a fever,” said Jerry, who with his wife, travelled from Shanghai. “I said no.”

That one-word answer got him through.”

And, as Warmington noted, this is a huge risk for Canada:

“The big question: Was anybody on these flights a carrier?

All nice people. Many visiting. Many residents.

But Canada is taking a big gamble. Those coming from China reported they did not see doctors, nurses or undergo any medical screening upon their arrival at Pearson.

Their entry is, in essence, based on a wing and a prayer.”

As I’ve said repeatedly, the government must take action and restrict incoming flights from China. Even Hong Kong is cutting of travel links to mainland China, so if they are taking such tough action why aren’t we?

Disturbingly, the longer the government goes without imposing restrictions, the more the danger to Canadians will rise.

“The cental rule in life is that it is much, much better to panic early than late.”

“Dean of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong gets it.

– we must apply the precautionary principle
– we don’t predict, we prepare
– we must stop it at the scale of macroscopic mobility patterns”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

Trudeau and his useless government don’t care about Canada and he okay’d flights from China into Canada and why wasn’t the screening done? What is happening to Canada when a PM takes off to avoid being around when there is a crisis?

Terry McKellar

This absolutely unbelievable – Canada has the power to stop all Chinese aircraft from using Canada’s airspace and can be done with the stroke of a pen – why are we sitting on our hands? Is our head of state that incompetent that it would put thousands at risk when it can be so easily prevented

Ron Shaw

Trudeau gets it , but just dosent care unless he’s front and center of the photo op and gets credit for eradicating this dangerous world wide flu bug . Even a fifth grader gets it , shut down China connected travel into Canada . Unfortunately Justin didn’t get that far in school , hence budget deficits that don’t fix themselves and our economy and futures outlook here in Canada is the worst it’s been since ww11 . He an elitist and just dosent care about average everyday Canadians , especially Proud Westerner Canadians , Canadians who want out of a… Read more »

Lisa Hill

If flights come in from china all must be quarantained for 14 days to make sure the people arnt carrying the virus.

Lisa Hill

Why is our government not taking thus serious? This is a serious issue and everyones life could be at risk.

Lisa Hill

What is WHO and our government waiting for? A global outbreak that could wipe out thousands or millions. Come on people speak up for your health and well being of you and your families!!