REPORT: US Government Considering Possibility Of Suspending All China-US Flights

White House officials contacted executives at top U.S. air carriers to inform them of the possibility.

Earlier, it was reported that the White House is considering the imposition of travel restrictions on China amid the spreading Coronavirus epidemic.

Now, it’s been revealed that those discussions have included top U.S. airline executives.

According to CNBC, White House officials reached out to executives at the top U.S. airlines to inform them that a total ban on China-US flights is an option on the table.

“White House officials have told U.S. airlines the Trump administration is considering suspending flights from China to the U.S. amid an escalating outbreak of a new coronavirus that has infected thousands of people across the world, people familiar with the matter said.”

“As of Tuesday evening, the Trump administration had not taken that step and there was no guarantee that it would do so.

Two of the people said the White House told them it doesn’t immediately plan to ban China air travel, but administration officials are constantly evaluating the situation.”

Airports within the U.S. could also be impacted:

“The restrictions could affect flights into and out of China, as well as airports across the United States, administration officials said. They declined to be named because no final decision has been made.”

For over a week, I’ve been calling for Canada to impose a restriction on flights into our country from China. Unfortunately, the Trudeau government has failed to take even seemingly basic action, with over a thousand people getting off planes from China and walking into Canada without any screening whatsoever.

Yet, as much as Canadian authorities are trying to downplay things, the fact that China has quarantined over 50 million people by locking down massive cities, and the fact that the US is considering a total ban on flights from China, is a sign of how serious the situation is.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube