“SHOW ME THE MONEY!”: Watch As Conservatives Call for Audit Of Liberal ‘Investing In Canada Plan’

Conservative MP Stephanie Kusie pushes for accountability and transparency from the Liberal government.

The Conservatives are calling on the Auditor General to launch an immediate audit of the Liberal government’s ‘Investing in Canada Plan.’

Calgary Conservative MP Stephanie Kusie ripped the “tax and spend” Liberals, saying they need to “show me the money!” when it comes to their spending on the plan.

Considering how the Liberals were so horrible on spending in their first term, and their total lack of accountability and transparency, the Auditor General must investigate.

The fact is, the Liberals simply haven’t earned the trust of Canadians. We can’t take them at their word. They must be investigated.

Below, you can watch the clip of the Conservatives calling for an investigation:

“On this Opposition Day, @CPC_HQ is asking the Auditor General of Canada to immediately audit the government’s Investing in Canada Plan. Watch as I ask the Liberals to “show me the money!”‘

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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