John Tory’s Obsessive Political Correctness Is Dangerous

At a time of crisis, lecturing people for focusing on the country where an outbreak has occurred is crazy.

John Tory has made his contribution to the discussion on the spreading Coronavirus.

And it’s as bad as you thought:

“Standing with our Chinese community against stigmatization & discrimination, and reminding residents that, as our health care professionals have informed us, the risk of Coronavirus to our community remains low. We must not allow fear to triumph over our values as a city.”

As I discussed earlier, Tory also made inflammatory claims about ‘stigmatization’ without any evidence.

While Tory’s ‘wokeness’ is embarrassing, it’s also dangerous.

Considering that the Coronavirus originated in China, and that its main method of transmission is from sick people getting on planes in China, travelling to other countries, and then unwittingly infecting others, it is 100% logical that people are focused on China.

If the virus didn’t originate in China, people wouldn’t be focused on China. Of course, you and I understand this, but apparently John Tory doesn’t.

As many have noted, it’s also members of the Canadian-Chinese community who are wearing the most masks right now in Canada, so they clearly understand that there is a threat and danger coming from China. Yet again, Tory doesn’t understand this.

Tory’s political correctness obsession is distracting attention and valuable time away from what should be a fully coordinated response, which should include flight restrictions on incoming flights from China.

But instead of taking action, politicians like Tory are trying to win the virtue-signalling olympics, and that could put many Canadians at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Ralph Knapp

Tory is in the wrong party. He should resign and cross the floor to be with like minded folks.

Moe S.

I find this man nauseating. Who’s is he lecture people about hurting others (Chinese) feelings. The Chinese residents demanded the North York School Board allow their children to wear face masks to school. They demanded those students returning from China’s celebration of the New Year not be allowed to return to class for 14 days. The 300,000 Chinese residents living in Ontario are NOT concerned about hurting people’s feelings.


I doubt too many at this point in time care what he had to say as they’re terrified for their lives.


It’s becasue they like to pull the race card at any chance instead of see the truth. If it was ebola coming from Africa there would be a travel ban. What’s the different we Canadians need to be protected!!