Unbelievable: Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Toronto Mayor John Tory Is Worried About “Stigmatization” & “Discrimination”

He also made inflammatory claims without any proof.

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread in China and around the world, with more cases being reported here in Canada, you would think that our elected leaders would be focused on keeping people safe.

Unfortunately, they seem more interested in being ‘woke’ and politically-correct, especially Toronto Mayor John Tory:

At a press conference, Toronto Mayor John Tory seemed most concerned with supposed ‘stereotyping’ of the Chinese community:

Yet, as both Joe Warmington and Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun noted, John Tory provided ZERO actual examples to back up his inflammatory claims:

“@JohnTory @joe_cressy did not provide any examples of racism despite allegations on community.”

“The Mayor of Toronto says people are saying the “Chinese Canadian community” should be quarantined. This is quite a reckless and incendiary claim to make without evidence, which Tory does not provide. Is this true?”

“All I’ve heard of is Chinese parents petitioning for students getting off of new flights to stay home from school for two weeks, as well as a broader sentiment applying that to everyone on these flights. That is so, so different than calls to quarantine an entire community.”

So, instead of taking action for public safety, Tory is worried about being ‘woke’ and fighting off phantom racism claims that he can’t even back up.

Furthermore, since the virus originated in China and is spreading outward from China, it makes perfect sense to be focused on China and on the possible transmission of the virus from people travelling into Canada from China. It’s disturbing that Tory fails to understand this.

This kind of incompetence and BS priorities are why so many Canadians increasingly feel our officials don’t what it takes to deal with a crisis.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Why does Canada have so many nut case’s???

Dave Youngman

I was listening to 96.3 yesterday aft and I don’t know who the idiot was but he was spewing the same crap! He said there was NO / ZERO threat to Canada and anybody who suggested otherwise or suggested things like self-isolating for two weeks if you’ve just returned from the area was clearly XENOPHOBIC and simply displaying your BIGOTRY. This was part of the news report at 4PM. I was so pissed I almost punched the radio in the car!!


I am calling this the rotheringham syndrome. even if someone is being raped murdered or dying of a plague, do nothing about it as you do not want to be accused of being racist.

David Henley

John Tory is just as bad for the city of Toronto as Trudeau is for Canada.