Candice Bergen Says She’s Not Running

The Conservative MP & Conservative House Leader from Manitoba had reportedly considered a bid following decision by Rona Ambrose and Pierre Poilievre to drop out.

Conservative MP Candice Bergen has decided not to run for leadership of the Conservative Party.

Here’s what Bergen told the National Post:

“Following recent developments in the leadership race, I was urged by many Conservatives to reconsider my initial decision. After taking time to assess what I could bring to the leadership race, I recognize that I have many strengths to bring to the table, but overall, I can best serve my caucus and my party by continuing in my role as Conservative House Leader. I look forward to an exciting leadership race and to working with the next leader of the Conservative Party in forming the next government.”

Bergen had reportedly been considering a bid, following the decision by Rona Ambrose and Pierre Poilievre to not run.

This is a loss for the Conservatives, as Bergen’s strong communication skills could have brought a lot to the race.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ms. Bergen like the others who have backed out could well know more about the ill health of Confederation than most people know and don’t see any benefit in getting involved with a terminal patient.


Wow Peter MacKay is really bullying everyone that could beat him down eh? Displaying the exact same fundamentally disfunctional, self serving and corrupt behavior JT does. I will not vote at all for anyone if he succeeds in cheating to win. Gross. Alberta really needs to separate from this cesspool asap.