Ezra Levant’s Interrogation For Writing A Book Shows Dangerous Authoritarianism Of Trudeau Government

A government that can interrogate you for writing a book is a very dangerous government.

Imagine being interrogated by government agents, based on a secret complaint they won’t release, all for the supposed ‘crime’ of writing a book during a supposedly ‘free and democratic’ election.

That sounds like something that would happen in an authoritarian state like China.

Here in Canada, we’re told that we’re ‘free’ to share our views.

So, why was Ezra Levant interrogated by government agents for writing the book The Libranos, which just so happened to criticize the Trudeau Liberal government?

In a video released on social media, Levant recorded the absurd and disturbing proceedings, where the government agents wouldn’t even tell him the complaint against him. They had Levant in to supposedly ‘defend himself,’ but wouldn’t tell him who the complainant was, wouldn’t tell him who the complainant was, and wouldn’t give him any details. They wouldn’t even show him the documents alleging a complaint against him.

Now, first of all, the fact that there could even be a complaint against someone for writing a book during an election is a disgrace. If we’re truly ‘free,’ then there should be no complaint whatsoever.

Worst, the fact that there’s a secret complaint that someone has to answer for in front of government agents is totally reminiscent of an authoritarian state.

As noted by Ryan Leef on Twitter, this is incredibly disturbing:

“Wow. I just watched this clip…what kind of country are we living in? Our PM is buying the favour of msm & prosecuting critics. This is dangerous-wrong & scary.”

Canada is heading in a very screwed up, anti-democratic direction, with the Trudeau Liberals buying off the media and sending government agents after their critics.

The Canadian People must not stand for this.

You can watch Levant’s interrogation below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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