Ezra Levant’s Interrogation For Writing A Book Shows Dangerous Authoritarianism Of Trudeau Government

A government that can interrogate you for writing a book is a very dangerous government.

Imagine being interrogated by government agents, based on a secret complaint they won’t release, all for the supposed ‘crime’ of writing a book during a supposedly ‘free and democratic’ election.

That sounds like something that would happen in an authoritarian state like China.

Here in Canada, we’re told that we’re ‘free’ to share our views.

So, why was Ezra Levant interrogated by government agents for writing the book The Libranos, which just so happened to criticize the Trudeau Liberal government?

In a video released on social media, Levant recorded the absurd and disturbing proceedings, where the government agents wouldn’t even tell him the complaint against him. They had Levant in to supposedly ‘defend himself,’ but wouldn’t tell him who the complainant was, wouldn’t tell him who the complainant was, and wouldn’t give him any details. They wouldn’t even show him the documents alleging a complaint against him.

Now, first of all, the fact that there could even be a complaint against someone for writing a book during an election is a disgrace. If we’re truly ‘free,’ then there should be no complaint whatsoever.

Worst, the fact that there’s a secret complaint that someone has to answer for in front of government agents is totally reminiscent of an authoritarian state.

As noted by Ryan Leef on Twitter, this is incredibly disturbing:

“Wow. I just watched this clip…what kind of country are we living in? Our PM is buying the favour of msm & prosecuting critics. This is dangerous-wrong & scary.”

Canada is heading in a very screwed up, anti-democratic direction, with the Trudeau Liberals buying off the media and sending government agents after their critics.

The Canadian People must not stand for this.

You can watch Levant’s interrogation below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Well they say that a country gets the Government that they deserve. Sadly the Canadian electoral system has allowed a VERY VERY DANGEROUS, fascist, socialist Stalinist dictatorial bully and a coward to lead them down the path to Socialist Hell. This is truly very very terrifying indeed. Canadians have no idea the hell that they have voted for themselves.

Gary major

Can you say Dictatorship / Censorship / Criminal Interference in Elections Canada by Trudeau? I CAN BC that’s exactly what it is! I fully support the REBEL and Ezra and have donated twice to his defense .This can-not be allowed to continue , I watched the video of part of the interrogation and am completely disgusted by the two BULLYS set on Ezra by the lead investigator Who wouldn’t tell Ezra who the complaint was from, as if we don’t know who complained EH! trudeau?

Don Taylor

What happened to complete transparency from Turdeau”s corrupt government,and making a deal with france about climate change,where Turdeau promised to cripple Albertas oil sands and put thousands out of work and his girl friend Macron was to make things expensive for people in France


Canada as a democracy is finished. The thought police have real power. The dear leaders authoritarian cabal is spreading it influence through the urban centers of the GTA, Ottawa and Montreal like a pandemic.


Watched the entire video, its nothing short of shocking . There can be no doubt that Canada is no longer a free country .
Rebel media and free speech needs every ones support now before it slips away forever.
Never take freedom for granted Canada.


Good points. I watched the video as well and it was, may I say in all due respect the look on these two agents faces that also bothered me.IT was obvious they were not going after a man for a real violation or crime. And they were out to conceal some things. Police state or what!

John Smith

Those that still see Canada as a Rule of Law Democracy are living in the past. Face reality; Canada is an authoritarian state.

john cox

This is what communist/fascist governments do

Rita Hager

I saw the video as well. Very disturbing. Also disturbing is watching Mackin and Couture, after 30 years upholding the law, being part of this. A job is a job, but fellas, surely you see what this is! Whatever happened to ethics? Oh yeah, Trudeau. That’s what happened to ethics.

Ron Shaw

Son like father . Both dangerously stupid elitist’s , who believe they are above the law .


Trudeau didn’t win the election, Scheer lost, and now we have a dictatorship. No wonder Trudeau wants to attack and disarm Canadians, he is scared of us.


I am a daily viewer of Rebel News, and especially Ezra’s program. It’s high time that MORE Canadians watched it, also. When your government AND MSM are denigrating a particular news organization – that being the Rebel, the ONLY news organization that IS under attack in this country – surely it’s time you put your possible bias aside, wake up, and STOP believing everything that the MSM or Trudeau tell you ?!!! Thanks for putting this information in the forefront, Spencer. A dark time in Canada right now, for sure. Rebel News may well pick up thousands of more viewers… Read more »


This country is becoming sick to the core.I have a friend who escaped Chile years ago when the junta was the government.He was a teacher the Chilean government agents entered his apartment,and found a book.They claimed that the book was ammunition,and he was dragged to the jail.Luckily he escaped to Canada which was once regarded as a free country.

Heather Wilkins

Are you being censured Spencer? The link to Ezra’s interrogation has been removed!

Major Tom

Not my country! Time to move!


I would guess that a lot more non bought out liberal programmed authors should have done our country the favor of some very truthful books, there is a lot of unethical and I would say criminal authoritarian lieberal behavior that really needs to get put out there to the “independent free thinkers left in Canada” were they stopped?, or too afraid to speak this wisdom? Ezra Levent is at times a little too radical sometimes, and so can I be, but is just the opposite of the “Librano$” lefty/righty (too far left or right are the same thing, too radical… Read more »

Miles Lunn

As more of a Red Tory, I strongly dislike Ezra Levant and his views, but in a free society that means allowing everyone to speak out including those we disagree with. As Voltaire once said “I don’t agree with a word you say, but I will defend until the day I die your right to speak it”. Unfortunately left today is tolerant of diversity in terms of groups, but when it comes to diversity of opinions, only if on the left side of the spectrum. Anything on the right, they don’t just disagree with (Disagreement is good and healthy in… Read more »

Fred Dimmick

We have never been free to speak without consequences for expressing our opinions, and never will be. Trust me, I was the victim of liberal oppression in high school – years ago.