LGBTory Group Slams Pride Toronto, Says Parties Shouldn’t Participate Until Uniformed Officers & Soldiers Are Included

“The demonization of front line heroes is unacceptable,” says group.

With some Conservative leadership contenders pledging to march in the Toronto Pride Parade, an organization representing LGBT Conservatives is pushing back.

In a series of Tweets, LGBTory said Pride Toronto has turned into a “far-left extremist political echo chamber,” and said political parties shouldn’t participate until uniformed police officers and soldiers are included:

“1/3 While we are all pleased the Conservative Party @CPC_HQ has made great strides in acceptance of all Canadians irrespective of sexual orientation, we are concerned with the direction of #PrideTO. We have watched this organization devolve into a far-left extremist political”

“2/3 echo chamber. We would advise all political parties to abstain from any participation in official #PrideTO events until uniformed members of our Police Services & Canadian Armed Forces are welcomed to participate. The demonization of front line heros is unacceptable.”

“3/3 Lest we forget those who truly sacrifice for our freedoms. #cdnpoli #LestWeForget  @CanadianForces @TPSOperations @CPC_HQ @PeterMacKay @ErinOTooleMP @LeslynLewis @TPostMillennial @TheNewTelegraph @CBC @RebelNewsOnline @liberal_party @IRQRLGBT”

These are good comments from LGBTory, and they line up with what Erin O’Toole has said, noting that he won’t march in a Pride parade that excludes uniformed police officers.

The message here is that the Conservatives can be an inclusive party without having to sacrifice their principles to the radical left.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It seems to me that the more militant arm of the LGBT community shouts about ‘ inclusion’ yet they are the most NON inclusive group around !
No wonder so many members of the LGBT speak out against them, and stay away from their ‘parade’,as they just want to live their lives in peace.


I agree everybody should be able to participate in Gay parade.This group has been used as a political pawn.Our brothers , sisters, cousins, uncles, fathers and mothers work in every section of Canadian society.No political party should claim ownership over them.We are supposed to be all equal.Aren’t we?


Finally said, and I agree with Erin O’Toole and now the LGBTory saying this. The left is taking and paying with our tax dollars, for a parade that was against Canada’s protectors to keep us all free and protected and is against Canada’s freedom.