Opposition MPs Pass Conservative Motion Calling For Audit Of Liberal Infrastructure Plan

166 voted ‘yes,’ while 152 voted ‘no.’

The Liberals are starting to learn that a minority government is truly different.

Whereas before they could simply shut down any possible accountability, now they can be outvoted.

And that’s exactly what just happened.

The Opposition has voted to pass a Conservative motion calling for the Auditor General to investigate the Liberals $186.7 billion infrastructure plan.

The motion followed a report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer that had revealed the new plan “does not exist,” despite the government having allocated a massive amount of taxpayer money for it.

Despite Liberal opposition, the motion passed, with 166 voting yes, against 152 who voted no.

“Vote result: The @CPC_HQ #OppositionMotion (Audit of the government’s ”Investing in Canada Plan”) was adopted.

Yeas: 166✅ Nays: 152❌ #cdnpoli”

This is some rare good news for Canada, and it’s good work by the Opposition. Now, Canadians at least have the chance to force the Trudeau Liberals to be accountable, rather than hiding the truth from the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando


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