DISTURBING: The U.S. Is Quarantining Citizens Brought Back From Wuhan China. Yet, Patty Hadju Says Canada Won’t Do The Same

As Anthony Furey said, “We’re told to listen to the experts, but it seems we are in fact offside from what experts around the world are doing.”

In my latest column for the National Citizens Coalition, I wrote about how the Trudeau Liberals are taking a half-assed approach to the spreading Coronavirus epidemic:

“As many have pointed out, with a viral epidemic, it might seem under control until the very moment it’s out of control, and by then it’s far too late to contain.

And that appears to be exactly what’s happening. The virus spreads to more countries daily, and the number of infections are rising dramatically. As we can see, it’s not under control.

So that brings us to Justin Trudeau and Patty Hadju.

Hadju — a former graphic designer turned health minister — has seemed totally out of her depth, simply repeating some nice lines about how the Coronavirus is ‘not a big risk,’ and downplaying it at any opportunity.

Trudeau – when he’s not on vacation – seems totally checked out mentally, and simply repeats the same lines as Hadju.

Basically no action whatsoever has been taken to protect Canadians.

No real flight restrictions. Only suggestions.

No quarantines when flights from possibly virus-prone regions in China land in Canada.”

And right on cue with what I said, we learned that the US is doing what Canada should be doing.

“The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ordered a federal 14-day quarantine for nearly 200 Americans who recently returned from Wuhan, China”

Now, as reported by Anthony Furey, under Patty Hadju and Justin Trudeau, Canada won’t be quarantining people we bring back from the exact same reason:

“Yet Canadian Public Health Minister Patty Hadju has so far said we will *not* quarantine the 150+ returning on a chartered plane, only those exhibiting symptoms. We’re told to listen to the experts, but it seems we are in fact offside from what experts around the world are doing.”

This is incredibly disturbing.

The key danger is that many people who have Coronavirus don’t show any symptoms. So, if only those showing symptoms are quarantined, they could be letting in people – directly from the epicentre of the outbreak – who have Coronavirus but don’t know it.

Also, if someone is showing symptoms on the plane, they could easily be infecting others on that plane.

The U.S. is doing the right thing, since the virus has a 14-day incubation period. If you quarantine people for 14-days, you can be confident that they don’t have it so long as they don’t get sick during that time.

But if you let people in without quarantine, the danger rises dramatically.

So, the Trudeau government is failing to follow evidence-based thinking, and is allowing pathological political correctness to put Canadians at greater risk.

Spencer Fernando

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