GET YOUR LICENSE COMRADE: The Liberals Are Launching A Communist-Style Attack On Free Speech

Authoritarian communist states control the press and demand media licenses. Now, that’s where the Liberals are heading.

The Trudeau Liberals are launching an unprecedented, Communist-style authoritarian attack on free speech and the free press in Canada.

In an incredibly disturbing move, the Trudeau Liberals are set to push media organizations to register for government licenses.

The announcement was made by Steven Guilbeault, in an interview with Evan Soloman:

“We would ask that they have a license. Yes.” #cdnpoli”

Guilbeault also said the federal government would say who were ‘trusted’ news sources and not, another step towards the kind of media control and censorship we see in places like Communist Cuba and Communist China.

As Canada Proud said on Twitter, this is “absolutely horrifying.”

“Absolutely horrifying. Every Canadian should condemn this egregious assault on freedom of speech.”

The future of free speech and the free press is now at stake in Canada. This Liberal assault is unprecedented and incredibly dangerous and must be opposed by Canadians across the entire political spectrum.

It must be stopped in its tracks, because if it’s not stopped then Canada will fully turn into an authoritarian state, and then, all bets are off.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


I will NEVER register with the government. I will remain Independent and fight back. You can help Support my writing. If you want to contribute, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:
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This ANTI-democratic PRO-communist action sure explains WHY Trudeau is suddenly ‘busy’ OUTSIDE of the country. He ALWAYS runs like the coward that he is when ‘the news is bad’. He did the SAME thing when he paid of Omar Khadr with $10.5 MILLION of OUR tax dollars….He was in the air, or already in Ireland, when THAT happened…
He’s a friggin’ cowardly communist. NOTHING more…


Looking at what is going on. Our political component is a failed attempt at bailing , Trudeau admires communism. Not we get a royal. And his dad wants to embrace, well you know who. It’s all a rat. There is no opposition in Canada who can beat him. Next term. Get used to King. I spoke of this years ago, we would see new allies. Currency collapse. Banks are going down like crazy. World Bank. There is so much going on around the world, people need to investigate and get in the know. But I agree Spencer

Major Tom

It won’t stop there! Next step…..requiring a federal permit to access the internet….


where are the conservatives and other parties , not rioting against this authoritarian act by a nobody ….


You mean the NDP, Greens and the ‘Liberal Lite’ Conservatives ?!
HA ! They won’t ‘speak out’.
The only person that would – and probably is, on his PPC website -IS Maxime Bernier.
The man/party that SHOULD have won in 2019 and the ONLY PRO-Canada, PRO-Canadians, ANTI-globalist party in Canada now…It’s high time that Canadians woke up to that fact.


Getting ready for the next Election!!! Liberals pulling all stops………….. are they going bug your Telephones??? Probably have already.

Donald O'Kane

Trudeau and the lieberals are trying to take ALL our freedom of speach away from us. Get these communists out of our government. Out of the country and not allowed back would be the best thing we could do for the country. Get them out or Western Canada is GONE!!!!!

Ron Shaw

Keep your guns , pitch forks , tar and feathers safe in your home until needed fellow Canadians , the time is nigh . Deny these comies of any tax dollars you can . The revolution has begun !

Ron Shaw

Hopefully politicians will also be licensed .Just to many corrupt politicians out there .
Canada needs a quick way of getting rid of bad corrupt governments . The US has a system
Why dosent Canada ?


Outrageous…..referendum or minimum vote of non confidence in govt before any of this dictatorial elitist bs bully crap to become law in our Canada home and native land .very strong emphatic NO to all this lib rubbish far worse than anything Harper espoused‼‼‼‼‼

Moe S.

Just seemed like yesterday our rights-based policy leader stood on the global podium (U.N. 2018) declaring how Canadians & his progressive socialist government “won’t stand for human rights violations, or the oppression of freedom of speech, or suppression of freedom of the press.” That was then. That same government now proposes putting up the wall & iron fist on truthful information in Canada. The superior wisdom of the gov’t will decide who amongst the media gets to feed Canadians comfort food, puff & fluff stories, justifications, and excuses for Trudeau. Sensible Canadians have an obligation to the next generation to… Read more »


And THAT’S the WHOLE problem in this country, Moe. Trudeau’s supporters do NOT watch what he is REALLY doing, they only listen to his lies and empty promises.
That, and admire his hair…


I, and a ton of other people, knew this EXACT thing was going to be coming down the pike the split second the 600-million-buck “favoured” Media Bailout was announced. Canada can’t get rid of this communist fast enough – he’s already done WAY too much damage. This is the lid on the Jerry Dias pot.

Wayne Carter

This is exactly what happens when superficial voters elect a superficial buffoon to be Prime Minister. A PM that openly admired the murderous dictator Castro and also admires the communist Chinese government. Unless the dancing, prancing, mumbling, stumbling PM is defeated in the next election, we are doomed.

Clive Edwards

I guess the Turdo gang is trying to prevent the gun resistance news from getting out, once the confiscations begin. I suspect Dennis Young will be among the first to be denied a “news source” license. The NFA, of course, will hire another lobbyist.