GET YOUR LICENSE COMRADE: The Liberals Are Launching A Communist-Style Attack On Free Speech

Authoritarian communist states control the press and demand media licenses. Now, that’s where the Liberals are heading.

The Trudeau Liberals are launching an unprecedented, Communist-style authoritarian attack on free speech and the free press in Canada.

In an incredibly disturbing move, the Trudeau Liberals are set to push media organizations to register for government licenses.

The announcement was made by Steven Guilbeault, in an interview with Evan Soloman:

“We would ask that they have a license. Yes.” #cdnpoli”

Guilbeault also said the federal government would say who were ‘trusted’ news sources and not, another step towards the kind of media control and censorship we see in places like Communist Cuba and Communist China.

As Canada Proud said on Twitter, this is “absolutely horrifying.”

“Absolutely horrifying. Every Canadian should condemn this egregious assault on freedom of speech.”

The future of free speech and the free press is now at stake in Canada. This Liberal assault is unprecedented and incredibly dangerous and must be opposed by Canadians across the entire political spectrum.

It must be stopped in its tracks, because if it’s not stopped then Canada will fully turn into an authoritarian state, and then, all bets are off.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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